Mehndi Wala Ghar 15th April 2024 Written Episode: Shocking Family Drama

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Manoj berating Ajanta, expressing his regret for marrying her. Mauli intervenes, asking him not to take it out on Ajanta. In defense, Ajanta explains that she did everything possible to protect her son. Manoj counters, stating that she should have helped him correct his mistake instead of always covering for him. Sensing the tension, Manas quietly takes Aashna and leaves. Ajanta blames Mauli and Manoj’s actions for driving their son away and destroying their family. However, Manoj defends Mauli, pointing out she is still his daughter and standing by his side while their son has already left with Aashna. Hari suggests they all go inside to discuss things and maintain the family’s reputation, but Janki clarifies that Ajanta is not welcome inside. She scolds Ajanta for her actions.

You would have done the same if your son had done it, Ajanta cries. Mauli says do not ask Ajanta to leave. Janki says you can go with her as well. Ajanta cries as he leaves. Manoj says you are not that Ajanta, who I loved. He leaves. Ajanta cries.

It’s Manoj that she thinks of. Mauli says if you want me to go, I’ll do that. Manoj says leave Ajanta alone. Mauli believes I cannot leave Ajanta alone. Jyoti says to bring Rahul along. Mauli rushes. Rahul asks where she is going. Jyoti says she’s going to Ajanta, go there. Rahul rushes. Vijay cries. Manoj apologizes to Tanvi and Vijay. They, too, cry.

He believes I’m being punished for my mistakes, my family fell apart today, please forgive me. Vijay embraces him. He pictures this scene in his mind. He halts and comments that he is very late. Janki prays while approaching Manoj but then stops. Vijay observes them both closely. He states that Ajanta has betrayed Manoj. Janki points out that Manoj is crying and asks him how he can be happy about being proven right when he used to love Manoj so much; she questions why he doesn’t embrace him and offer comfort like she does since she loves him too. They all leave the room. Swara expresses her disapproval of the situation. Ajay sits with a sad expression on his face. Vijay enters, weeping, and reveals that Manoj is upset and crying; they must not leave him alone in this state. Ajay rushes to Manoj’s side. Manisha appears to wipe away his tears, and Janki, Ajay, and Vijay stand by silently.

For Manoj’s sake, Mauli asks Ajanta to stop. Ajanta tells him that Manoj ousted him and left me. A car comes there. Rahul saves them from getting hit. The car knocks him down. Rahul falls. Tanvi feels tense and drops the water glass. Vijay asks what happened. Are you okay? She asks if Rahul is home. He says yes. She asks where he is. Ajanta and Mauli attend Rahul. Ajanta says she will call an ambulance.

Mauli insists, “We need to get him to the nearest hospital. Can someone help me carry him?” She spots a nearby cart and carefully places Rahul on it before pushing him towards the hospital. The ward boy informs them that the doctor is unavailable. Ajanta urges Mauli to use her medical expertise and stay strong for Rahul’s sake. Mauli reassures them, “I’ll ensure nothing happens to Rahul.” She then asks, “Where is the operating room? As a doctor myself, I can assist in treating him.” Ajanta quickly calls for Manoj’s assistance, but he refuses to listen. Tanvi frantically searches for Rahul while Vijay tries calling him with no success. Suddenly, Swara rushes in and announces that Rahul has been involved in a severe accident. Shocked, everyone listens in disbelief.


Jyoti sees Janki and everyone praying for Rahul. Mauli says nothing will happen to you, Rahul. Rahul says he loves you, too. They hug.

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