Mangal Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi’s Decision Shakes the Family

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The two sit down and talk. Mangal provides them with juice and samosas. Akshar arrives; Mangal picks him up. Mangal leaves. He says to ask whatever you want. Don’t be afraid. If you are scared today, you will have to be scared for the rest of your life. Don’t be under any pressure. I will be with you no matter what decision you make. Lakshmi leaves the room.

Upon entering, Adit welcomed Gayatri and Karthik. Maya’s family had to visit Lakshmi, so we came at the wrong time. Karthik says we’ll come later. Mangal says come in, please. Gayatri apologizes for being late. Kusum says this is your house. You know Maya as well. Gayatri tells Karthik we can talk to them another time. Karthik goes to play with the kids.

It’s Rohan who gives Lakshmi juice. He holds her hand. Lakshmi asks what you’re doing. Mangal tells Kusum she’s worried. Kusum says she’ll be fine. They seem like good people. Lakshmi says Rohan’s sorry that I touched her by mistake. Do you feel okay? She says yes. She said she was okay. He said he liked that you stood up for yourself, even though I got scolded. In search of Akshar, Karthik says he is sorry. Rohan meets him.

I would warn Rohan, Karthik says. Please don’t do this marriage because Lakshmi has another person in her life. She can’t stay away from him. She asks what do you mean? He says your first love and most special. She asks what do you mean? He says Mangal didi. Both of them laugh. Rohan says that you scared him. Rohan says Lakshmi is straightforward and friendly. Karthik says you are lucky to be married to her. Karthik leaves.

Maya says your house is very nice. We like this colony. We were also planning on moving here. Mangal says that would be great. Lakshmi will live closer to us. Adit says that there will be more interference in the heart. Adit says the area isn’t that good. There is too much noise, no parking, and safety aren’t great. Adit thinks I wouldn’t have moved here if I knew. Thanks for informing us, Maya.

Lakshmi and Rohan descend the stairs and are greeted by the rest of the family. Kusum asks about their decision. Rohan confirms with a “yes,” while Maya turns to Lakshmi for her response. Shanti chimes in with another “yes” from Lakshmi. Mangal reminds everyone that it is ultimately Lakshmi’s decision, to which she also responds positively. Everyone cheers, and Mangal brings out sweets to celebrate. Maya suggests having the engagement the next day, but Mangal questions if it’s too soon. Adit reassures that there’s no need to wait and congratulates Rohan. He adds that he hopes this girl will soon leave their lives. Meanwhile, Jiya calls Karthik, who has to leave for an important matter, much to Gayatri’s curiosity about his whereabouts.

It was Jiya’s suicide attempt that Gayatri told Kusum about. She said she and her son are trapped. Kusum says you could have asked him to wait. Gayatri says Karthik was adamant. He said he couldn’t live without Jiya. I tried a lot. Kusum says to stop him from making this mistake. We will plan something.

As Mangal decorates the house, Bhushan burns his kurta. Akshar gets a bruise. The light also goes out. Shanti says things seem to be going wrong. She applies medicine to Akshar’s wound. Lakshmi collides with Shanti, and the arti plate falls.

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