Mangal Lakshmi 23rd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Misunderstandings and Reconciliations

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 23rd March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Mangal asks Adit to hurry up. Adit says I should get ready as well. Her pallu gets stuck. Adit warns her not to tear it. He takes it out and fixes her pallu. Mangal says the house is beautiful. The decor is too good. Somaiya made all the arrangements. She knows every detail. She is very creative. Mangal asks if she will come today. Adit says that after your mother insulted her, would she come? She has some self-respect, too. I do not know if she’ll come, but my colleagues will.

During Lakshmi’s visit to the temple, Karthik helps her. He tries to help her. She doesn’t talk to him. Karthik asks, “Won’t you ever talk to me?” Mangal feels bad that Adit doesn’t like Somaiya’s absence. She did all the work and saved Adit’s life. I should ask Adit to call her over. She says or I should call her. Her phone is off. Somaiya calls Adit’s phone, but his phone has a password.

Lakshmi says Karthik doesn’t blame you for what happened. She says I worked. Adit apologizes. She says you were silent in front of everyone. He says he was shocked, too. I explained what happened to everyone. Mom realized it was a misunderstanding. I know you were hurt. We can’t always control everything. Kids play around them. Karthik falls on Lakshmi. Flowers fall on them. A bucket hits Karthik’s head. Lakshmi laughs.

As Akshar gets ready, Mangal opens Adit’s phone. He asks him if he knows Adit’s password. He replies, “I know everyone’s password and play games.” Mangal calls Somaiya from Adit’s phone. Adit says who are you calling from my phone? Somaiya is happy that Adit has finally called her. She says he can’t celebrate without me. She answers the phone and says hi, baby. Adit asks who is it? She says Somaiya.

Adit asks Mangal if she has called Somaiya from his phone. Somaiya overhears the conversation, and Mangal pretends to be Dia, saying, “Dia beta.” She apologized for the mix-up, explaining that she was expecting a call from her niece. She then adds that she mistakenly called Somaiya “baby,” thinking it was Dia on the line. Mangal reassures her not to worry and compliments her on how beautiful their house looks, commending her attention to detail. Understanding why Somaiya couldn’t make it, Mangal expresses remorse for what happened and thanks her for saving Adit’s life. She asks for forgiveness.

Mangal says it’s okay. Somaiya says it’s okay, but he says if you don’t attend grah pravesh, it’s incomplete. Adit feels bad as well. He has talked about your hard work on this house since morning. Somaiya says I’ll come if you ask me. Adit invited me, but I declined.

You are welcome. Mangal says thanks. We’ll wait for you both. Adit says well done. Make sure everything is done well. Especially the food. She says yes, don’t worry. He says first time, I’m not worried. Mangal is pleased Adit trusts her. He says he’ll ask Somaiya about the Italian food she ordered in his heart.

Lakshmi plays with the kids. Karthik says wow, she’s laughing now, and she wasn’t talking to me. Jiya arrives. Karthik asks what are you doing here? Mom will cause trouble if she sees you. She asks why you’re so scared of her. You can tell her you invited me. You won’t speak directly to her. She says you don’t know her very well, but I’ll tell her when it’s right. She says you’re an adult, you’re a star, and you’re scared of your mom?

Just tell Gayatri you love me and want to marry me. You’re meant for me, and she’s listening. She looks taken aback as Karthik reminds her someone might see. He pleads, “Please, I want to talk to my mom but in a smooth manner. I don’t want to startle her.” Jiya snaps, “Oh, dammit! You’re taking too long. I also have a mom, but I’m not afraid of her like you are.” Karthik clarifies, “It’s not fear; it’s trust and love.” Jiya threatens him, “Either you tell her or I will; I won’t wait much longer.” With that, she storms off. Gayatri is stunned and recalls what her mother-in-law had warned about someone snatching her son away from her.

Suddenly, Adit’s boss arrives. He asks Mangal to fold his sleeves. He says that he can’t do anything right. The arti falls. Adit says you’re so stupid. You can’t do anything right. I won’t forgive you if you do something silly in front of my boss. Don’t say anything. Just tell me how you would speak.

Mangal prays that his boss stays happy with him. She practices saying hello and How are you? He says to say hello. Or no, you don’t even come there. Go into the kitchen and arrange the juices. You will ruin my image.

A collision occurs between Karthik and Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks why you always get in my way. He says you come in my way. She says you collide, not me. He says I will feel free. I will keep following you if you do not forgive me. I forgave you. Please go now. If aunty sees us together, I will be insulted again, not you. Please do not get involved. He says he understands your anger. You go first.

Gayatri comes there. She asks what’s going on with her. Karthik says Lakshmi wasn’t even talking to me. Gator says I’m not always right. Gayatri says come with me Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks what happened. Gayatri says come with me. She recalls Gayatri slapping her. Lakshmi says I was not with Karthik. I was working. Lakshmi says if you have to think about Mangal and her family, at least think about the relations. Lakshmi says what do you mean?

Mangal’s sister does not wear jewelry; you’re so simple, and it looks terrible. Gayatri asks what people will think. Lakshmi gives her necklace to her. Lakshmi says no, I can’t take it. Gayatri says you don’t say no to elders. You are Mangal’s sister. Lakshmi says I can’t take it. I’ll wear a chain, but I won’t wear this. Gayatri asks if you are still mad at me. I lost control, but you didn’t forgive me.

Lakshmi says you’re my elder; I can’t be mad at you. What happened that day was no one’s fault. Anyone would get confused. Gayatri makes Lakshmi wear the necklace and says you look good. Lakshmi is confused. Gayatri hugs Lakshmi.

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