Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vedika Confronts Maheshwari Family

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The driver glances behind him and is taken aback to find Saraswathi on the steps of the mandir. She quickly hops into the car as the driver rushes out of the police van to catch up. Sagar and Saraswathi are inside, taking off while the driver tries to halt the vehicle. In his pursuit, he falls, and Saraswathi calls for him to stop so she can see what’s going on. However, Sagar insists they keep moving while he exits the car. He looks around but sees no one as the driver escapes from the police. Sagar eventually returns to the car, and when Saraswathi inquires about their sudden departure, he explains that a criminal is being pursued by law enforcement.

Vedika apologizes to Koyal for her behavior, explaining that it’s just a habit she has. Koyal reminds Vedika that she had referred to her as a sister, to which Vedika responds with a text message. Koyal asks if it’s good news, and Vedika replies that she’ll have more information by evening. She then offers to drop Koyal somewhere, causing her to question how they could look like sisters. As they ride on Vedika’s scooter, they encounter a man who falls before them. Vedika assumes he might be running from the police and helps him but warns him that there’s no escaping the law. Confused about what divine act may have caused this incident, Koyal runs away while Vedika calls the police and reports his location. However, the culprit threatens Vedika not to intervene, or else he’ll harm her.

As Digvijay reprimands the police for not apprehending him, Rajeshwari interjects that he should command them to eliminate him instead. He dismisses Dayal as a non-concern since he has been imprisoned for two decades without legal representation. In addition, he argues that it is unjust to keep someone locked up indefinitely. Rajeshwari suggests that some secrets are better left unsaid and credits Sagar for enabling Saraswathi to complete the Varth. However, she cautions that circumstances may alter in the future.

The driver desires to reach the lady’s doorstep and reveal the truth. Vedika, a lawyer, offers her assistance. The police order him to leave the girl, causing the driver to push Vedika before fleeing. She stops one of the officers to inquire about the driver. In response, the officer reveals that he has been entangled with influential individuals from the Maheshwari family, resulting in unjustly severe punishments without a fair trial. This revelation leaves Vedika shocked.

Suphedra is overjoyed when Saraswathi tells her that Sagar completed her Varth and that she even met her daughters. When she hears this, Rajeshwari drops the Thali in shock and asks if Saraswathi met her daughters.

Returning to her scooter, Vedika realizes that her past problems and the pressure to take their land are related to the Maheshwari family. Despite not knowing why there is a connection between these things, she vows to figure out why and how the driver is so eager to meet the woman.

Saraswathi explains that she was unsure of where the girls came from, and Rajeshwari suggests they may have met Yamini and Jhanvi. Saraswathi then expresses her familiarity with the girls, as if she had known them for a long time. Koyal shares with Mauri that she also felt a strong connection to the women, evident in how one of them placed her dupatta over her head. Mauri responds by saying it seemed like Koyal saw this woman as her mother. However, Mauri becomes upset when Koyal refers to someone else as her mother, pointing out that she is the one who gave birth to Koyal and has even fought with her husband for her sake. Despite initially refusing, Mauri eventually accepts the water Koyal brings. She expresses her anger towards Koyal, but Koyal reminds her that she only has one mother. Finally, Mauri embraces Koyal tightly.

Saraswathi was grateful for the two girls’ kindness and could not help but feel like they were her daughters. She even asked them if they were siblings, only to learn they were meeting for the first time. The realization that these girls were not her daughters moved Saraswathi to tears. Rajeshwari, seeing her friend’s emotions, embraced her tightly and comforted her. Saraswathi had thought she had found peace and happiness in these girls, but unfortunately, many years have passed since then. Her Varth has ended, yet Bhagwan still has not granted her wishes. She wonders if Bhagwan has no mercy upon her.

Rajeshwari includes Varth for herself, despite Bua’s comment that Maa has already eaten. She inquires if Maa is truthful and reminds everyone not to make light of serious matters. Sagar requests Rajeshwari to refrain from speaking as he trusts everything will go smoothly this time. He also mentioned that he and Rajeshwari would look for Yamini and Jhanvi together. Saraswathi smiles at the mention of Pandit Jee’s prediction about Sagar. Rajeshwari suggests having dinner since they must be hungry after all their efforts.

Vedika asks her father to tell her more about the Maheshwari family. He describes them as dangerous individuals who have already purchased all the surrounding land and are willing to go to any lengths to claim their own. She reminds him that this is their ancestral land, and he has told her how he and Maa have safeguarded it for years. He admits they have faced challenges, but Vedika interjects, mentioning that she is well-prepared due to their upbringing and the regular injections they receive. He responds by saying that she still doesn’t understand. Vedika clarifies that he has done everything for their children and herself, but now it’s her turn to take charge. She shares her optimism about a recent job interview, while Maa adds that good deeds will also earn blessings from Bhagwan.

Sagar is with Rajeshwari when Digvijay joins them. Rajeshwari mentions that she will be going to the office tomorrow, but Sagar questions the need for it since he will be leaving for London in four days anyway. Rajeshwari is surprised and asks if he has a return ticket. At this point, Digvijay chimes in and asks if Sagar has any responsibilities towards their business. However, Sagar explains that he is not cut out for it and plans on returning to London. Upon hearing this, Kamal asks Rajeshwari what they can do about it. She suggests that Kamal try to convince him, considering Sagar did not listen to his father but may have listened to his uncle,, known for taking advantage of others’ generosity. In a last-ditch attempt, she asks Digvijay to remain calm and not escalate the situation.

Kamal tells Sagar what is happening as he turns his face away from his father. Sagar replies that he didn’t ask them to expect anything from him when Kamal said a father should be respected. Sagar sees his father with her and asks his uncle if he should respect his father, who is involved in such actions. He returns after so many years but still doesn’t hug his father, and he cannot forget it. Kamal leaves after asking if he should respect his father’s involvement in such actions.

Sagar says it is impossible for Sagar’s grandmother to be unaware of everything that takes place in this house without her orders. He knows he has to respect both of them, but he cannot forgive them for their mistakes, and he does not want to live in a house in which his father does not respect his mother.

When Vedika answers the phone in the morning, she says she is getting ready for their call. The person says he just called to inform her that they do not have any openings for her. Vedika replies that she is very talented. When the person says they cannot upset their biggest client, Vedika asks what the client’s name is, and the person informs Maheshwari Masala.


After Digvijay warns that he only has two days to vacate the house, Vedika walks away and warns Digvijay that she will face him in court.

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