Pukaar Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd July 2024 Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelations and Tense Confrontations

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Sagar gets nervous while riding in the car with Vedika, so he lets go of her hand, and Vedika even sits straight. When Vedika meets Dayal Ji, he asks her to arrange a meeting with Saraswathi Ji, and she is sure he will tell them the truth about talking with Saraswathi. Sagar says he will speak to her, but she is angry with Vedika. She replies that Saraswathi is furious with him, too, but he says she is her aunt when Vedika becomes frustrated and considers leaving.

Vedika attempts to release the seat belt and inquires about its difficulty. Sagar advises her against speaking negatively about his car before offering to demonstrate how it works. Vedika insists that he stop, causing the car to move. The approaching police van assumes they are up to no good, prompting the officers to exit their vehicle and tap on their window, requesting them to step out. Sagar complies with Vedika’s explanation that they were trying to undo the seat belt.

Sagar inquires Vedika why she is concealing herself and explains to the police officer that they have been wedded for three months. Still, their large family prohibits them from enjoying any privacy. He confesses that, at times, his emotions get the better of him. Sagar believes that the police officer would relate to their situation. The constable adds that even their officer has chosen to live separately. Understandingly, Sagar clarifies that their family is eager for a grandchild. As the officer departs, citing safety concerns after dark.

“Vedika is taken aback as Sagar covers her mouth and pins her against the car. “Do you want to call the police again?” he asks, insinuating they would end up in a cell. She questions why he had to speak poorly of her to the police. Despite his offer to drive her home, she adamantly refuses to listen because of Dayal’s uncle’s encounter with Saraswathi Aunty. Sagar asserts his authority as her boss and threatens to dock her pay if she doesn’t comply. He muses about where she gets such an aggressive attitude.”

During the morning, Saraswathi watches the photo of Gautham and their daughter. Suphedra comes and says Saraswathi hasn’t slept for the entire night. She asks Saraswathi to get up but replies that she doesn’t feel like talking to anyone. Suphedra suggests Saraswathi listen to the Bhajan and not speak to anyone, so he takes her away from him.

Suphedra asks Saraswathi if she will bring flowers when she has to talk to Pandit Ji, and Vedika says GhatuSham Ji is the support of everyone. Saraswathi recalls when Rajeshwari informed Vedika that the person who destroyed her life had been granted bail. In response to Saraswathi’s request to leave, Vedika says she wants to talk about a woman who lost everything, including her husband and only son, much like Saraswathi, who lost both her daughters.

Saraswathi inquires about the identity of the woman and offers assistance. The lady says that Saraswathi had previously cursed her, causing her confusion. She introduces herself as Sudha Dayal Singh. It dawns on Saraswathi that she had indeed cursed Dayal Singh before. She questions why Vedika would come back to cause harm but is interrupted by Koyal’s plea for help. Saraswathi warns her not to speak, but Sagar steps in to stop her. In response, Saraswathi reveals that Sagar had used Suphedra to bring Vedika there.

Sagar asks her to listen, but she replies that she broke their friendship and relationship, so why should she listen to them? Saraswathi is walking up the stairs when Dayal Singh calls her from behind, which shocks Saraswathi. Then Rajeshwari says that Saraswathi was in her room, but where is she? Lali replies that she is right here, and Rajeshwari wonders if she has been meeting Dayal.

As Dayal Singh stands in front of Saraswathi, she is taken aback. He explains that their relationship is one of anger and frustration that can never be broken. Saraswathi cautions him against approaching her, reminding him of how he instantly ruined her life. She questions his intentions, wondering if he seeks forgiveness or apology, knowing she will not grant either. She reminds him that she had made it clear years ago that she would not forgive him for the sin he committed. Dayal defends himself by saying she had asked him the same question twenty years ago, but he continued to deceive her.

Saraswathi is taken aback by what she hears. With his hands clasped together, Dayal implores her to listen. He reveals that he was not under the influence on the day of the accident and that it was a calculated murder for which he received a significant sum of money. Shocked, Saraswathi demands to know who is responsible. But before Dayal can explain, a car strikes him as he attempts to flee. The memories come flooding back for Saraswathi as she recalls her accident and her insistence that it was not an accident but murder. Sagar is equally stunned, prompting Saraswathi to lose consciousness. Sagar, Vedika, and Koyal quickly rush to her aid.

After entering the room, Digvijay informs his mother that Saraswathi has left the house to meet Dayal and asks her if she doesn’t know anything. She asks him to check his phone, explaining they must pray for the person’s peaceful soul. Rajeshwari tells Digvijay they should always have a second option, as Rajeshwari Neiti teaches them this. Digvijay smiles.

The doctor is attending to Saraswathi, who remains unconscious. Vedika and Koyal sit by her bedside as Kamal comments that Jhanvi and Yamini would be here if they were present. Sagar adds that the accident has dramatically impacted her life. Kamal recalls how sudden it all was. Suddenly, Rajeshwari enters the room and demands to know why Sagar brought Saraswathi here. She questions why the girl is even here when Digvijay left with Rajeshwari. Kamal then takes his leave to accompany the doctor out of the room.

With Saraswathi, Koyal, and Sagar, they are with her when she starts getting restless. Sagar thinks she is cold and leaves for a shawl while Koyal and Vedika massage her hands and feet. Vedika asks if he did not find it. Sagar replies he is searching for it, so Vedika mentions they may be in the upper part. Then Vedika sees Gautham’s portrait, while the Saraswathi photo with Jhanvi and Yamini is displayed on the second shelf.


Rajeshwari warns Digvijay that this is a moment of concern for them when the Inspector asks Saraswathi if she wants to reopen the Gautham case. Rajeshwari manages to get the confession of Dayal singh from the office when she claims no one will be able to beat Rajeshwari Neiti, Vedika standing in the dark says it’s overconfidence. Vedika says she recorded the confession and it’s in the pen drive.

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