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Koyal angrily asks what he did, so he helps her mother stand up, wondering what he did. Vedika captures the child, saying he would have fallen right now, but he doesn’t listen to her; she doesn’t even know where she lost her dupatta.

Vedika is taken aback by the gift her parents have given her. She questions her father about the necessity of such an expensive present, especially since her mother just had surgery and could have bought it later with her salary. Her mother interrupts, promising to apply a Tika before Vedika takes it for a ride. As Vedika sits on the scooter, she silently prays for her family’s safety. While riding, she comes across a car and inquires about someone named Kishori Lal. She realizes that if she hadn’t hit the brakes, there could have been an accident. The person in the car corrects her, pointing out that it’s not a cycle but a scooter. Kamal steps out of the vehicle and scolds the individual for being impatient.

In response to Koyal’s question, the people say that they won’t let the rich, spoiled person escape like this when Sagar asks who said he would give money so that she could get justice. He points to the car, saying that it will be a gift for her. He says it is not right to give such a simple gift to special people. Vedika says he is referring to their education center and even their house, but he should know that both can be built on another land, Kamal replies. Vedika’s mother hears her argue about these things.

When Sagar has sent the people away, he asks Jamshed to help the aunt and her daughter sit in the car so they can go to the hospital, but Koyal demands money instead. Sagar says the commissioner is his uncle, and the police will arrive until they reach the hospital. Sagar tries to force Mauri into the car, but she manages to escape.

When Sagar threatens to call the police, Mauriti and Sagar try to run away. Mauri holds Sagar’s hands and kneels before him, begging him to forgive her. Mauri ties Sagar’s show lace, and they both run away. Sagar thinks of calling but wonders where his wallet is. He tries to run, falls with Jamshed, and becomes furious seeing them both run away, proclaiming how he has been treated in his city.

Kamal asks Vedika if she knows about Section 50 of the Indian Contract Act hearing, so Kamal tells everyone to return home. He then tells Vedika they are just asking her as his father will benefit significantly from it and asks Kishori Lal why he refuses the wealth. Vedika states that if anyone in the county offers him more than twenty million dollars, they don’t need his offer, and he should relocate the factory elsewhere.

It is in the middle of Digvijay’s factory, and Kamal says the education center and house will open once the home is sold. The person asks Vedika why she chose the name Digvijay so politely, and she then tells the child to record the incident while forcing the worker to slap her, saying he would be arrested. Whenever they force her to do so, Vedika replies, and now they should leave.

Hemand leaves after hitting the scooter when Kamal apologizes for the behavior while requesting them not to be so stubborn since if he leaves empty-handed, Digvijay will take the case to him, and he will ruin the entire family. Vedika says Kamal likes to destroy the family when he recalls the incident he caused with Gautham and Saraswathi. Kamal holds his hands and leaves to go and sit in the car,

Seeing Vedika wipe away the tears, Kishori Lal asks the children to return to their home and tells Vedika he will pick it up. After calling Padma, he enters but is shocked to see her on the ground. He asks for her phone and calls the ambulance, but they say it cannot come. In response to her father’s request to sit in the back, Vedika ties Padma to herself.

According to Digvijay, Kamal was the one who made a threat, but he would have asked instead. This is why they have yet to be successful in obtaining the property. Rajeshwari argues that only a lion is fit to rule the jungle, not a dog. Digvijay’s wife interrupts, announcing that Surendra and Dharam have arrived from the factory. Digvijay instructs them to leave, as no factory-related matters should be discussed in their home. His wife clarifies that Surendra works for them, and she learned from him that they still need to receive compensation.

Digvijay proposes that they depart immediately and arrange to meet him at a scheduled time, while Saraswathi informs him that an appointment has already been made but that he is unavailable. She reminds him that the company policy states that employees are accountable for errors. To clarify, Digvijay inquires about the worker’s employment status, to which she confirms she is a contract worker. Digvijay mentions his responsibility for overseeing the factory issues and assigns Saraswathi to manage the household spices. As Sagar walks in, he agrees with his father and emphasizes the importance of following rules. The worker interjects by stating that contract workers work twice as many hours as employees do – eighty instead of forty hours per week – implying the same rules do not bind them.

According to Sagar, the district court’s judge understands contract workers. However, Sagar’s mother interrupts him. Despite their efforts to find a pro-bono advocate who advocates for social causes, Sagar doubts they will be successful in winning the case as their factory will only be shut down for a short period. Despite this, Sagar’s father remains determined and refuses to back down. Sagar instructs the workers to carry out whatever actions they see fit and asks if they comprehend his message before dismissing them.

Rajeshwari chooses the broken biscuit and inquires if Digvijay comprehended Sagar’s silent teachings. The latter halts the worker, instructing Kamal to gather their information and ensure they receive payment. Thanks to Suphedra and Saraswathi’s mediation, the workers bid farewell with good wishes. Excitedly, Sagar rushes to embrace his dear friend Saraswathi, even seeking her blessings before hugging Kamal.

Rajeshwari asks if he will even come to his old Grandmother, and she blesses him, saying that he made them wait so long. Sagar says she appears very serious, and they must go to the hospital. Digvijay says Sagar should even meet with his father. Sagar then goes to take the blessings of Digvijay and returns without hugging him, saying Rajeshwari didn’t do the right thing, but Saraswathi replies, “Everything is fair in love and war, and this is Grandmother love,”

Sagar goes to stand with Saraswathi and they all start enjoying, Rajeshwari thinks Saraswathi would first trap Gautham but now she is trapping her grandson, remembering that Pandit Ji had told her Sagar was what would cause Saraswathi to meet with her daughters. In Rajeshwari’s mind, Sagar’s return could reveal faces from the past.

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