Anupama 19th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Advises Shruti and Dimpy Faces Pakhi’s Wrath

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Then Anupama asks Shruti if she wants to know how she used to make Anuj love her. According to her, you want to change into love and want to do extra so he loves you. She says I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what not to do. As she explained that she had run behind relations and forgotten herself, she told her not to become Anupama.

She asks her not to forget herself for anybody. She says people’s expectations increase with your hard work. She says she had done so much for everyone, but nobody remembered what she did, but they remembered what she couldn’t. She says Anuj is good and that he will make you happy.

When Dimpy gets to the kitchen, she remembers Pakhi’s words. She says she won’t lose Tapish to Dimpy and will get him. She will fulfill all her dreams. Dimpy sees Tapish’s message and replies to him. Upon seeing Shruti’s message, he is shocked. Shruti apologizes for hurting her and says I apologize if my words hurt you. Anupama says I can understand.

Shruti says I got a friend after many days. Anupama says I’m still your friend and asks her to wait to deal with life’s question paper. She says we feel we are right, but we are wrong. Her advice is to think and decide. She hugs her and says she is sorry. She asks her to take care. Shruti thinks you should, too. Yashdeep and Vikram stare at her from inside. Shruti leaves.

Titu comes to Dimpy and asks why she called him urgently. She says, Pakhi… Yashdeep appreciates Anupama for the spices and asks how you make tea masala. Whatever you’re trying, I can’t do. I can’t smile or laugh, and I can’t cheer up. He offers to pack the masala. She says such friends shall be there. She says I’m not getting a masala smell either, and I’ll be okay with time.

She asks Dimpy if she heard what she said and if she won’t force him to say something. As he is about to leave, Tapish says she has hurt him. Dimpy promises to stop her. Vanraj arrives home angry and tells Tapish he has to see him. He asks if he said anything. Kavya replies no, the kids fought. Vanraj leaves. Pakhi thinks about telling him what Tapish has told him. Kavya pretends to have a leg injury to stop Pakhi. Vanraj takes her to her room.

Yashdeep asks Anupama why she went to meet Anu. Shruti asks why she went to meet Anu to find out the answers to your questions, which I also wanted to know. She thanked him for taking care of her when she was unwell and needed a friend. She also thanks him for becoming a daughter to his mother, for coming into his life, and for the spice and chutney she brought.

The storm in Shruti was that she wanted to meet her, she wanted to know if Anupama still loves him. He says he knows this answer very well and asks if she got the answers. Anuj says yes…Shruti says let’s cancel this marriage and says love and marriage happen between two hearts, but two people, but not two hearts because his heart belongs to Anupama.

As Anuj says, I have also proposed to you for Aadhya and marry you. She says that marriage doesn’t happen due to helplessness. She tells her parents that she called them and explained that their wedding has been postponed because of work commitments. In the envelope, Yashdeep gives Anupama money and says it’s your hard-earned money. She says she’ll cancel the marriage later. Anuj says you met Anu and made the big decision. Shruti says she is not staying here. Yashdeep says you will cancel the marriage later.


To keep Anuj and Aadhya happy with Shruti, Anupama prays to God. Shruti asks Anuj, can’t we stay as friends? Anupama asks what is going on. She asks what happened. Kinjal asks what happened. She tells Kinjal that Shruti ji is good and loves Anuj and Choti.

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