Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad and Sahiba File for Divorce


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The Brar family is stunned when Seerat informs them that Angad and Sahiba have filed for divorce. Each member examines the divorce papers. Hansraj comments that Sahiba has followed in Seerat’s footsteps by filing for divorce from Angad. Prabjot adds that while they believed Sahiba was responsible for breaking Keerat and Veer’s relationship, she ended her relationship with Angad instead. Hansraj concludes that Veer was right all along.

Garry asks Seerat where she got these papers from. After seeing that, Seerat asks Sahiba why she acted as if she really loved Angad and why they acted as an ideal couple now that she has revealed the truth. Bebe asks Sahiba why she performed prewedding rituals with Angad while filing for divorce on the other side.

Both Jasleen and Angad have filed for a divorce mutually. Inder asks Angad what went wrong that they had to do so. Sahiba and Angad argued in the lawyer’s office, and Angad recalls that they had differences regarding some issues. Sahiba was about to divorce, so Angad filed for it earlier. Sahiba continues to be blamed and slandered by the Brar family.

As Seerat continues to provoke them and question Sahiba’s integrity, Ajith asks Sahiba if her divorce was indeed filed or if it was Angad—Seerat questions why Angad is doubted when it has been proven that Sahiba is the culprit. Sahiba asks Sahiba when she will divorce Angad. After Angad’s conclusion, everything between them has been completed, and paperwork remains.

Angad yells at Sahiba for refusing to sign divorce papers when Manveer asked her to, and now she wants a divorce, so she is hypocritical. Sahiba says she’s going to leave with her sister. Seerat continues to demonize Sahiba and sympathize with Angad. Inder says they greatly respected her, and she wants to leave Angad.

Keerat’s parents walk away from the scene as Sahiba holds her hand. Seerat smiles at the success of her plan. Manveer feels happy. Angad feels guilty for hitting Sahiba. He injures himself. Veer’s friends continue brainwashing him that his stardom will be destroyed if Keerat doesn’t marry him and if Sahiba and Keerat file a complaint against him. To punish Keerat and Sahiba, Veer locks himself away in his room.

Ajith complains that the Brars always unfairly treat their sons and blame their daughters for any issues. Manveer kindly tends to Angad’s injured hand. Inder once again asks Angad for his side of the story regarding the divorce. Gurleen worries that Sahiba may retaliate against her son out of revenge. She insists that everything that happened was necessary and, as usual, vilifies Sahiba. Darji disagrees with Sahiba’s decision but believes Angad should not have hit her. Bebe supports Darji’s opinion. During a visit from his lawyer, Angad learns he must spend 180 days living with Sahiba to finalize the divorce, as the judge believes it may improve their relationship if they stay together. The drama continues…


Then Angad tells Sahiba that he wants to discuss divorce with her. Sahiba says she already told everyone she wants to divorce him. The judge ordered them to stay together for 180 days before getting divorced because he believed their relationship could improve. She frees her hand and raises it to slap him, but he stops her. Sahiba says she does not want to stay with him. He forcefully holds his hand and says she has to accompany him.

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