Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th December 2023 Written Episode: Sahiba Risks All to Save Jasleen!


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The Brars are suspended in a net, lifted high by a crane. Desperately, they plead to be lowered down, fearing for their safety. Meanwhile, Sahiba bravely rushes into the mansion, risking her own life to save Jasleen. Angad’s concern for Sahiba grows as he watches her enter the danger zone. Inside, Sahiba urges Jasleen to prioritize her safety over material possessions, urging her to leave the mansion immediately. However, Jasleen’s emotional attachment to Garry’s childhood belongings delays her exit. With Jasleen still inside, the Brars implore Garry to halt the demolition to save his mother. Angad issues a stern warning, threatening dire consequences if anything happens to Sahiba. Feeling the weight of responsibility, Garry appeals to Yash to stop the demolition, emphasizing his mother’s presence inside. Yash dismisses Garry’s emotional plea as he watches his son sprint towards the mansion, reflecting on the chaotic situation unfolding with his two sons.

Sahiba helps Jasleen escape from the mansion through a window, causing her box to land in front of a bulldozer. Jasleen frantically begs the operator to halt the machine and rushes towards it while Garry pleads with Yash to stop the bulldozer. However, Yash orders the operator to crush anyone who interferes. In a brave act, Garry risks her safety by grabbing the bag and hitting her head against the bulldozer, causing her to collapse. As Sahiba tends to Jasleen, Angad manages to free his family, and they all rush over. Desperately, Angad implores Yash to allow them to take Jasleen to a hospital as she is badly injured. But Yash remains firm, declaring that he has sealed off the entire area and no one can leave. Despite Garry’s pleas, he refuses to budge.

As the ambulance pulled up, Yash turned to his goon, questioning how they had let it in. The goon responded that Garry was the one who had called for it. In frustration, Yash slapped Garry and expressed his worry that the media would now also show up. As expected, the media rushed in and immediately began questioning who was responsible for both the illegal demolition of the Brar mansion and Jasleen’s injuries. Without hesitation, Sahiba pointed towards Yash. But he quickly denied involvement and instructed his goons to remove the media from the scene. In a swift motion, they escorted them out while the Brar family carefully lifted an injured Jasleen into the ambulance and set off for the hospital. As tensions rose, Garry couldn’t help but question Sahiba’s decision to send his mother into that dangerous situation.

Sahiba says he is concerned about his mother and didn’t when she was pleading, and Jasleen brought out this box instead. Sahiba shows him his childhood stuff. Garry gets emotional recalling his mother’s love for him. Yash scolds him and waits for his car. He walks up to him and says saving his mother was very important. Yash orders him to leave sight and scolds him for ruining his plan.


Yash scolds his goon. The goon says Garry ordered it. Yash says Garry is a burden on him and will kick Garry out of his life once his mission is complete. As soon as Yash completes his motto, Sahiba thinks he is cruel and will kick Garry out of his life, just as he kicked Jasleen out.

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