Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th December 2023 Written Episode: Angad and Garry’s Clash Intensifies


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As the battle between Angad and Garry rages on, Inder recognizes that only Sahiba can end it. Hurriedly, he goes to find her. Upon Sahiba’s arrival, Jasleen pleads for her help saving Garry from Angad’s wrath. However, Manveer points out that Garry is also at fault for fighting back against Angad. Despite this, Angad gains the upper hand again and prepares to inflict serious harm on Garry. At this moment, Sahiba steps in and reminds Angad that stooping to his level would only make him as vicious as an animal. Jasleen expresses her concern for Garry’s safety and begs Angad not to hurt him but instead take out his anger on her. In a show of non-violent resistance, Sahiba throws away the iron rod and implores everyone to stop fighting, as this is not the nature of the Brar family.

Yashraj and his goons, armed with a bulldozer, return to Brar mansion to demolish it. He orders his men to cover the entire area and prevent any media or members of the Brar family from entering or leaving. Garry is unsure of his father’s plan, while Angad seethes angrily. Prabjot questions Yashraj’s intentions and confirms that he plans to demolish their home. Inder warns him not to intimidate them, but Yashraj retorts that he wants the Brars to experience the pain of losing their house. He cruelly remarks on Angad’s current state as he plots their downfall.

When Angad says he should consider his son as well, Yash scolds him instead for fighting with Angad and getting injured instead of using the goons. He says Garry can’t become a complete Baweja yet and is dumb. Angad warns Yash not to take the law into his own hands or else he will repent. Yash laughs and orders the goons to continue. Brars are lifted in the air by the goons. Angad shouts at him to stop bothering his family.

Goon strikes Angad’s head, causing him to collapse. Garry mocks Angad and inquires about his reaction to seeing his home being destroyed. Meanwhile, the bulldozer plows through the wall and approaches the house. Sahiba begs Garry to intervene and informs Yash that his father is involved in illegal activities. Ignoring Sahiba’s pleas, the bulldozer continues on its path. Sahiba chases after it, attempting to halt its progress. Yash advises Garry against resorting to violence, but Garry insists he will go to any lengths when it comes to protecting his father. However, Yash dismisses his rhetoric and points out that Jasleen has fled the scene again, revealing her tendency to run away in trouble.

Upon entering a house, Jasleen falls down the stairs and injures herself. Sahiba rushes to her aid, but Jasleen refuses to listen to her and continues to run up the stairs. When the bulldozer breaks their house, Brars cry, realizing how it feels to see their house broken in front of their eyes.


In the meantime, Garry asks Yash to stop the bulldozer as Jasleen is inside the house. Yash scolds him and orders the goons to crush anyone in their way.

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