Jhanak 2nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Jhanak Faces Tragedy as Urvashi’s Death Unfolds

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During the episode, Tejas asks Anirudh whether he needs help or should go alone. Anirudh replies, “I’ll manage.” Tejas leaves. Shrishti receives a call from Tejas. Arshi asks what happened. Shrishti serves the servants. Vinayak arrives. Arshi says Anirudh is unavailable. He thinks he may have gone on a short trip. Shrishti says he went to Jhanak’s village. Arshi asks why, and Shrishti says Urvashi committed suicide. They are shocked.

Arshi inquires about why she ended her life, to which Vinayak responds that it didn’t happen the way they thought. Shrishti speculates that the weight of their actions may have caused her to take such drastic measures. However, he vehemently denies this and accuses their family of driving her to suicide. He clarifies that Urvashi was not a wrong person, and their behavior was what led to her death. Shocked, Shrishti asks for clarification, while Arshi agrees with Vinayak and adds that they have finally gone too far. Jhanak breaks down in tears and mourns the loss of her mother. Anirudh tries to console her by suggesting she eat something, but Jhanak rejects the idea, explaining that she and her mother plan to cook together and celebrate with a feast. She sadly reflects on how hungry her mother must have been before taking her own life. Anirudh is overcome with emotion and joins Jhanak in mourning. She firmly declares that no one can force her to eat against her will.

Anirudh is responsible for preparing the meal for Jhanak. He expresses concern about how long this situation will continue. However, Jhanak refuses to eat. Despite her refusal, Anirudh reassures her that it’s okay and they can both go without food. Jhanak apologizes for the inconvenience and explains that she told the police everything because of the mistreatment from Arshi’s family. Anirudh supports her decision to fight for justice and offers his assistance in any way she needs. Jhanak worries that her lack of resources may hinder her chances of receiving justice, but Anirudh assures her that he stands by her side and that wrong is wrong. He also mentions how Urvashi’s death was a result of their actions, demonstrating their lack of consideration towards Jhanak’s well-being. Overcome with emotion, Jhanak cries as Anirudh encourages her to eat some food. Eventually, she consumes the meal.

I’ll meet you tomorrow, I promise. After you go to the shelter home, I’ll have to pick up Arshi at the airport, so she asks him for food. I’ll be happy to see your pics. She says I’ll gladly meet you both if you can come. I cannot attend your wedding but’d love to see your pics. He says life changes at any time. He says yes, like my life changed in one moment. You will move forward and finish your studies, and you will meet a nice guy and spend your life with him.

She’s hesitant and overwhelmed. She hasn’t processed her father’s absence, and her mother’s death still feels raw. Before passing away, she urged me to find a job. But now, with her gone, I don’t see the point in trying. How can I do it without her by my side? He reminds her that she is gifted and encourages her to use her talents to rise above those who have wronged her. Looking up at the sky, she sees her mother shining like a star. He assures her that although they may not physically have their mother, she remains a constant presence, watching over them and cheering them on. Still sobbing, he wipes away her tears and persuades her to eat.

Shrishti asks Arshi why he wants to go and involves Anirudh. Arshi says he has to go and can’t cancel his plans. Vinayak says I am worried about Jhanak. Arshi says we will give her money until her studies are complete, then she’ll get a job. Shrishti wants to know what we will do about her; she’s complaining about my brother. He says no, she is talented, what happened to them. Arshi says Jhanak can achieve anything for her dreams, I must go to Anirudh, I’m leaving.

Anirudh makes tea in the morning and asks Jhanak to get up. She wakes up recalling Urvashi’s death. He asks her to have tea. He says we can’t lose, come on. She says you’re worried because I’m around, sorry. No, don’t think so, I’d like your bank details. She asks why. He says he thought about… She asks why. He says you’ll give me money. How much is it? How can I get my mother back? He says no, but you can start achieving your dreams today.

I will earn money, don’t worry, she says. He says you won’t accept my help. She gets ready now, and you have tea. She leaves. Tejas keeps some money in her wallet. She packs her bag. Tejas says to make good preparations, and this wedding is unique to me. Pandit says don’t get late for the mahurat. He smiles. Jhanak leaves in the car. Anirudh says take care. She says Tejas says don’t worry, the bride and groom will arrive on time.


Tejas shoots at Jhanak after Rahul tells him that Tejas kidnapped her. Anirudh is shocked. Jhanak says I will fight until I die, but I will not marry Tejas.

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