Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th October 2023 Written Update: Isha’s Departure and Savi’s Lock Trouble


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Isha prepares to leave for Ramtek while Savi helps with her bags. She inquires if she has forgotten anything. Shantanu tearfully expresses that he has much to say and wonders if she will reconsider staying. Isha fondly remembers the time she spent at Shantanu’s house. He then asks if he can visit her in Ramtek whenever he misses her. As they say their goodbyes, Isha offers her hand for a handshake but instead receives an emotional hug from Shantanu. She reminds him to take good care of himself before leaving as the cab driver informs them they are running late. Shantanu stands alone sobbing while his son Ishan consoles his mother, Surekha and reveals that Isha has left for Ramtek. Surekha regrets that Shantanu did not listen to her warnings about marrying Isha, as she leaves him and Shantanu behind again.

Ishan inquires about the reason behind Isha’s departure from his life during their childhood. Surekha remembers how determined Isha was not to leave without Ishan, while Surekha was adamant about not letting Ishan go. She fabricates a story, stating that Isha prioritized her career over family and had only met with Ishan once, refusing to see him. Surekha also expresses her view that Ishan and Shantanu are vulnerable individuals she tried to protect from manipulative Isha. She left for Ramtek, leaving behind her pawn Savi here, warning Ishan to steer clear of her. However, Ishan clarifies that he has no ties with Savi, and her presence holds no significance.

Savi shifts to her hostel room and arranges her stuff. Shukla says her room is kadak/ Savi keeps god’s idol on a shelf and thanks him for fixing it. Shukla says Ishan fixed it and was so excited to arrange her room. He asks her to rest since he must leave today and leaves. Savi finds her phone battery low, realizes she forgot at Shantanu’s house, and dials Ishan by mistake.

Her answer to Ishan’s angry questions is why she called him now. She says she called to thank him. When she closes the door, the lock falls out. She asks what happened to it. Ishan asks what she said. Savi says the door isn’t locking. Ishan suggests she call Shukla for assistance, but he doesn’t pick up. Savi fails to fix the lock with oil and other methods. Ishan leaves home to assist her, leaving a message to Shukla. At the door, Savi keeps a chair.

After preparing tea for him and Isha, Shantanu realizes Isha has already left. He breaks down and throws it away. Then he calls Isha and asks where she is. She says she is just out of Pune. Shantanu says he doesn’t want to return to Bhosale’s house. For their son’s sake, Isha says he should return there, but she sees the effects of his presence recently, so he must leave. She doesn’t want to leave him and Ishan, but he has to leave for now.

Shantanu agrees to return to Bhosale house for Ishan’s sake. Ishan reaches Savi’s hostel room and asks her to open the door. She asks who it is. Ishan says it’s him. She asks who he is. He says Ishan. She opens the door. He says he’s here to help her, but she won’t open it. Their nok jhok starts.


In an attempt to fix Savi’s hostel room door lock, Ishan breaks it. He asks Savi to call her phone because he left his phone in his car. In response to Savi’s concern that her phone is dead, Ishan suggests playing antakshari. Ishan jumps on a chair and asks Savi to shoo away a rat. Savi laughs, saying a 6-footer is afraid of a rat. He jumps on her.

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