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As Payal and Krish sit in the car, Payal searches for her phone and informs Krish that her phone has been left behind in the courtroom. Bindiya’s lawyer tells Bindiya that Chopra will go to any lengths to win the case. Bindiya says he can do whatever he wants, but we’ll win the case. While searching for her phone, Payal collides with Bindiya, who he holds. She leaves. A worker in the court asks Payal to look for her phone as she leaves.

Krish inquires why Payal is looking for a phone here instead of sitting there. Payal kindly asks him not to lecture her and instead helps her search for her phone. The worker or peon intervenes and suggests that she leave. After dialing the number, Krish discovers that it is switched off, causing Payal to become anxious. The peon then reminds them to leave the premises. As they continue their search, Krish informs Baldev and Indu about their unsuccessful attempts to contact Bindiya by phone. To calm him down, Vikram explains that legal proceedings can be time-consuming. Eventually, Krish and Payal return home, and Nidhi inquires about what happened in court. Indu also presses for Krish’s answer while Pankaj wonders if he is hiding something from him.

We feel sad when we learn about the family from the outside and realize that I’m not just related to Nidhi. Bindiya says you are connected, and that’s why it’s a family. She tells Pankaj we don’t give bad news to our families sometimes because we don’t want to hurt them. She says the pearls are different, and the same thread is the family. She tells him not to worry and that she’ll fix everything.

Your husband wants to stay with your sister, and you are trying to keep the house respectful. Pankaj praises Bindiya. He says you are different. Baldev smiles. Payal searches for her phone. Nidhi’s thoughts don’t match those of her father. Pankaj asks Baldev whether Nidhi is like him or Krish. Nidhi is about to leave, but Pankaj stops her and says your family will know. Nidhi wonders if Pankaj knew about my pregnancy.

Pal’s pregnancy plan seems to be at risk. Baldev asks Indu if Nidhi is freed. Indu asks Nidhi to respond. Pankaj says Nidhi does not wish to stay with me. Baldev scolds Krish for inspiring Nidhi to separate from Pankaj. Payal asks Sakshi if she saw her phone. Sakshi asks if she is crazy asking this when such a sensitive subject is discussed. Krish gets upset and asks why he is blamed for everything.

In Krish’s room, Payal searches for her phone. He says he will buy her a phone. Krish asks her to change her clothes and asks her to leave. Payal says she wants her phone. Bindiya asks why you feel ashamed. She says one gets shy in a conscious state, and nobody can force someone to do wrong in an unconscious state. She does the shuddhikaran of the room and asks Payal to leave. Krish requests both of them to leave. Bindiya takes Payal outside.

Nidhi asks Payal if the doctor’s call came, and Payal says she missed the appointment because Pankaj came. She tells her all her plans and says you’re worried about your appointment. Payal searches for the phone and says it must be in Krish’s room. Bindiya says you need an excuse to visit my room. Payal accuses Bindiya of stealing her phone to make the video.

In the video, Bindiya says Krish was unconscious, and you fabricated an issue. Payal claims you stole my phone to manipulate Krish against me. Bindiya says even you know well that I won’t do such a cheap thing as you do all the cheap stuff. Payal blames Bindiya. Bindiya says she doesn’t need anything phony or false to win her.

“Bindiya’s phone rings, but when she sees it’s Payal calling, she is taken aback. Quickly answering the call, Bindiya informs Payal that someone else has found her phone and is calling. Both women are surprised by this news. Bindiya greets the caller and expresses her gratitude for reaching out. As Payal takes the phone, she demands to know who the person on the other end is. He reveals that he has the phone and a valuable video related to a treasure. Payal warns him not to try to deceive her. The man pretends to be Krish and begs for mercy from Payal. Bindiya joins in on the conversation, asking for his identity. In response, the man threatens to release the video publicly, leaving both Bindiya and Payal in shock.”


Baldev slaps Krish for ruining the Shukla family’s respect. Later, Bindya comes to Krish and explains that the phone is lost, and the Shukla family’s respect is at stake.

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