Agnisakshi 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika Attacked, Utkarsh’s Behavior Alarms Family


Agnisakshi 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Juhi asks Swara to tie a rakhi to Shlok and promises she’ll be protected for the rest of her life. Shlok says Swara has a strong brother, Pradeep, so she doesn’t need a brother. He asks her to tie her rakhi to him, and Juhi goes from there. Swara laughs. Shlok is about to do a hifive. Swara ignores him and leaves. Shlok wonders what is wrong with her. Aadhya ties rakhis to her brothers.

Lata ties a rakhi to Narayan. Jeevika and Swara tie a rakhi to Pradeep. Shlok asks for gifts and asks who will save you. Jeevika promises to save him and tie him a rakhi. Narayan is happy that Aadhya’s brothers are with her. Pradeep says I am her brother, too. Jeevika has brought Utkarsh back, according to Lata.

Pradeep inquires of Lata about Utkarsh’s solo outing. Jeevika voices similar thoughts, noting that Dada doesn’t even venture onto the terrace. Rajnandini expresses concern over potentially causing worry for him. Satvik reminds everyone that finding the truth is essential for all of them. Shlok questions how they will do so, to which Satvik suggests reviewing CCTV footage. This news shocks Juhi, who is visibly taken aback. Rajnandini turns and looks at her, while Swara agrees with Aadhya’s assessment that Pradeep Dada is correct. Wondering who could have taken him away, Aadhya is suddenly bumped into by Juhi, who immediately scolds her for not looking where she’s going.

After Swara responds to her opponent, she suggests that the person calm down and take a chill pill. Shlok then reveals that no activity is captured in the two hours of footage. Pradeep notices and points out an hour’s worth of footage is missing. Shlok expresses disbelief, questioning how this could happen. Pradeep explains that someone intentionally deleted the recording. Satvik chimes in, stating that this person must have known about our access to the footage. Pradeep confirms this suspicion and reiterates that someone else deleted it. Later, Rajnandini confided in Juhi that she saved her from being exposed and deleted the footage without hesitation. In response, Juhi assures Rajnandini that she has no personal grudge against Utkarsh and did it solely for Rajnandini’s sake. Rajnandini pleads with Juhi not to take any further actions against Utkarsh or anyone else involved.

Juhi leaves the house later. Jeevika asks her where she is going, but Juhi pushes her and makes her fall. Utkarsh talks to Narayan and tells him that he couldn’t understand Satvik and Shlok and didn’t know how to handle everything, but thanks to Rajnandini, she connected the family, and Jeevika made this house a home. Juhi asks Lata how dare she touch the house, and Lata closes the door.

In Jeevika’s opinion, it was my fault that I questioned her so much, which is why Juhi got angry. Juhi says she doesn’t need her favor, but Lata says you don’t thank her for saving her. Juhi says my friends are waiting for me. She is told to enjoy and not return here. Jeevika says Mausi. Juhi says she is Rajnandini’s sister. Lata says we will not bear your tantrums because you are not the daughter of the house.

Because you go daily at night and return in the morning, I will ask Bhao ji to throw you out. She says I will tell him that you will spoil Aadhya, and then what he will do. She asks her to decide whether to remain home or leave. Juhi calls Rajnandini, but she doesn’t answer. She thought she couldn’t go because of Jeevika, so she decided to teach her a lesson so she would feel a lot before she asked her.

Lata questions Jeevika about the constant taunts from Juhi and reminds her that she is older than Juhi in every aspect. In response, Jeevika explains that she has formed a strong bond with everyone in the household since her marriage to Satvik, including Aadhya, Shlok, and Juhi. Lata points out that relationships are not one-sided and advises Jeevika to be more discerning of people’s true intentions, as there are also flawed individuals like Juhi. However, Jeevika disagrees and insists that Juhi is not a bad person but relatively innocent. Lata then comments on Jeevika’s innocence. Just then, Utkarsh approaches Jeevika, and she realizes that he wants to go out, so she kindly offers to accompany him. They later return home, where they encounter Juhi waiting for them. A sudden rage takes over Juhi as she throws a vase at Jeevika, but Utkarsh steps in and gets hit instead. Concerned for his well-being, Jeevika checks on him and notices Juhi fleeing from the scene.

Jeevika expresses her gratitude to the Doctor for his presence. He explains that he was on his way out when she called. As an added request, he asks her to monitor Utkarsh closely. Narayan then inquires about the culprit responsible for throwing the vase. Jeevika shrugs, unsure of who it could be. Lata offers a possible explanation, mentioning that the vase may have been moved during cleaning. As Jeevika and the Doctor emerge from the room, he mentions being uncertain about the medication given to him earlier. He expresses concern for any potential adverse effects it may have caused. Upon reviewing his x-ray, he reveals signs of severe beating and torture. Jeevika ponders over who could have inflicted such cruelty upon him.


A bleeding Jeevika falls on Satvik. Satvik asks what happened. He finds Jeevika’s stomach bleeding.

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