Agnisakshi 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Emotional Farewell and Divorce Decision


Agnisakshi 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Manas questioning Satvik about why he keeps his feelings hidden. Satvik responds by stating that he has already revealed his love to Jeevika, who reciprocates his feelings even more deeply. However, Manas points out that their paths seem to be heading differently. Satvik clarifies that she desires a divorce while he wants to be with Jeevika. He reveals that the court will announce its decision tomorrow. Jeevika expresses her love for Satvik and emphasizes how she always yearned for this relationship, but sadly, it can never come true. Pradeep then questions if it’s because she cannot bear children.

Jeevika worries that she might lose sight of her dreams, but she also considers the dreams of Satvik and Baba. She mentions that this home has anticipated a baby for many years and doesn’t want their hopes to fade. Pradeep suggests talking to Satvik and assuring Jeevika that he won’t let her go far from him. However, Jeevika explains her desire to distance herself from him, not to take away his happiness. Pradeep insists on helping her make Satvik understand, but Jeevika declines, stating that it’s time for Satvik to move on, get married, and start a family. She firmly decides to leave him. As Pradeep holds her in comfort and cries with her, Jeevika reminds him of her love becoming a curse for Satvik and requests to be let go before any harm is done. Despite his attempts to persuade her otherwise, Jeevika remains determined to leave.

Satvik expresses his deep love for Jeevika, while Manas predicts she will not back down from her decisions. Satvik acknowledges this and declares that he will always support her choices, regardless of the outcome. He finds Jeevika on the terrace, and they share an emotional moment when he holds her hand. After a brief hug, both are seen shedding tears. Later that night, Satvik overhears Jeevika crying softly as they lay in bed. Concerned, he approaches her, and she apologizes for causing him pain. Satvik reminds her to consider her feelings and actions before worrying about him. In a tender moment, they accidentally bump heads twice before Jeevika gets up to leave. However, their connection is evident as her mangalsutra gets caught in his kurta while the song “Agnisakshi” plays in the background.

He presents her with a paper ship and assures her that if she wishes to forget him, he will have the privilege of remembering her. Shlok and Aadhya make a request for food from Jeevika. Lata believes their mother has returned, praising Jeevika’s ability to care for everyone during these times. Narayan also expresses his desire for food. Jeevika then serves each person their preferred dishes. Juhi announces her craving for wada pav today, which leads to an argument between Shlok and Aadhya. Jeevika promises to fulfill everyone’s wishes daily but soon realizes what she has said and glances at Satvik in embarrassment.

Jeevika says she doesn’t know when she will be ready for divorce. Rajnandini says nobody should know before your divorce; otherwise, they won’t allow it, Jeevika assures him.

Narayan arrives and inquires if both bahus have been speaking poorly of him. Rajnandini clarified that she was expressing gratitude for her sister-in-law’s care. He remarks on the positive impact Jeevika has had since joining the household. Jeevika then addresses Narayan, stating that she considers him a father figure and will never forget him as such, rather than just a father-in-law. Satvik enters and calls for Jeevika to join him. Concerned, Narayan asks where they are off to. Satvik explained that they worked at the office. Rajnandini adds that no one should hinder their progress now. Narayan advises them to return quickly as Guru ji has arranged for a puja.

When Jeevika and Satvik leave, Rajnandini says they will be nothing to each other when they return. Jeevika cries and leaves. Satvik assures her he is with her in this decision and says he is with her, too. For the last time, Jeevika cries and looks at the house.


Jeevika says this is her last decision. The judge grants their divorce. Satvik holds her hand and asks her not to leave him.

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