Agnisakshi 8th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 8th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Rajnandini checking on Jeevika’s well-being. Jeevika assures her that she is fine. Rajnandini then explains how societal norms pressure women to conceal their true emotions and praises Satvik for accepting Jeevika, despite his preference for an educated and working wife. Jeevika excuses herself, mentioning some pending tasks. Rajnandini guesses it must be household chores and reminds her that both the house and the marriage may not be permanent for her. Later, when Jeevika confronts Satvik in their room about his anger towards her, he lists various reasons why he is upset with her, including her conduct and personality. He also clarifies that he doesn’t value her salary and asks her not to apologize.

It is Juhi’s opinion that Jeevika would have fallen today, but Satvik held her. Rajnandini says I would have scolded you if Jeevika had fallen, since Satvik and Jeevika would have come closer to each other while the former takes care of her later. She says Satvik will hurt Jeevika and he will die for hurting her. Jeevika says I didn’t know you hated me so much.

You thought I loved you, Satvik says, and asks her why she is acting, and whether she didn’t know about the marriage truth. Despite saying yes to this marriage and getting the benefits of being the bahu of this house, he says you will not get my love. He says that if he had known I would not waste my time, then he wouldn’t waste his time. He leaves the room. Jeevika sits and cries, recalling their marriage. Satvik also cries as he leaves the room.

Jeevika covered Satvik with a blanket before turning to look at the unfinished design sketch. With determination, she continued to work on it. Swara arrived at Narayan’s house and hoped to finally find out if Shlok was the person she had been speaking to recently. As luck would have it, Shlok happened to be there and they ended up arguing. Jeevika intervened and greeted Swara before Satvik called for her attention. Swara inquired about Satvik’s anger, but Jeevika clarified that he wasn’t angry. She excused herself and went to their room. Satvik asked about his designs, which Jeevika had placed in the cupboard. He expressed his frustration that she had treated them like kitchen items.

Shlok and Swara are stunned as they overhear the conversation. Shlok immediately follows Satvik while Jeevika intervenes, pleading with him to let her brother-in-law go. Swara chimes in, defending her jiju’s actions. Shlok echoes her sentiments, stating that his brother shouldn’t speak to Jeevika in such a manner. Jeevika urges Shlok to confront Satvik when he returns home. However, Satvik suddenly stops his car and apologizes before Supriya appears and consoles him by placing a hand on his shoulder. He confesses to her that his own shortcomings have led him to hurt Jeevika and force her to let go of her dreams for him. He expresses remorse for wasting Jeevika’s time and quickly leaves in his car. Supriya reflects on how he once saw Jeevika in her but now seems to have forgotten her after she betrayed him.

Rajnandini calls Narayan and asks him to believe him. Narayan asks him not to call him and ends the call. Narayan thinks Jeevika will believe me. Rajnandini comes to the office and asks Satvik why he came late. Satvik says he was preparing for someone’s bad. Upon seeing the design, Rajnandini likes it, and the employee also likes it. Satvik says it is Jeevika’s idea and informs the employee that he will hire her for Savitri silks.

Juhi receives a saree and asks Rajnandini if she ordered any saree. Rajnandini recalls Satvik ordering a designer saree for Supriya many months ago and says it will be for Jeevika who will leave him.

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