Agnisakshi 17th August 2023 Written Episode: Satvik and Jeevika’s Unpredictable Turn of Events


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The Episode begins with Swara expressing to Shlok her confusion regarding Jeevika and Satvik’s situation, as Jeevika has rejected Satvik. Shlok also expresses his lack of understanding. Juhi assures them that they will soon find out. Guru ji then requests Satvik and Jeevika to sit for the puja, stating that it cannot proceed without them. However, Jeevika starts considering Vahini’s words and hesitates to sit with Satvik. Rajnandini intervenes and suggests stopping the puja since Jeevika and Satvik are now divorced, claiming it would be misleading to God. Lata interrupts and urges them to discuss this matter later, as they are running late for the puja. Nonetheless, Jeevika discloses that she has something important to share with everyone, much to Rajnandini’s anticipation. She reveals…

According to Guru Ji, the importance of conducting this puja lies in Narayan’s discussion of matters after completing the puja. Lata advises Jeevika to follow Guru Ji’s instructions and speak her mind after the puja. Satvik and Jeevika participate in the puja together, while Pandit ji instructs them to place something in the havan fire. Satvik assures Jeevika that they will discuss everything afterward. Meanwhile, Shlok decides to focus on connecting with the mysterious girl rather than getting distracted by Swara’s presence. He sends her a message, but Swara’s phone beeps, catching his attention.

Guru ji then requests Satvik and Jeevika to exchange garlands per tradition. As the couple performs the ritual, Satvik can’t help but think that these ceremonies seem never-ending and wonders if they even need to separate. With this thought in mind, he lovingly adorns Jeevika with the garland while she reciprocates the gesture. Guru Ji then instructs them to take a seat. He reassures Satvik not to worry and that all his wishes will come true. He adds that one who holds God close to their heart can never face any misfortune. However, Rajnandini is fuming with anger. Her sister Juhi tries to soothe her and asks how she managed to pull off this drama. Rajnandini replies that it was simple enough for her, just like how she tolerates Juhi’s presence. She further declares that as soon as their divorce is announced, she will create an even bigger scene. Before moving on with the ceremony, Guru Ji asks Aadhya to fetch a piece of cloth and present it to the elders for their blessings. The elders then touch the fabric with reverence.

Guru ji requests Pandit ji to retrieve the flower plate. He then instructs Swara to distribute the flower petals amongst everyone present. She fulfills his request and hands out the petals to each person. Juhi expresses her curiosity and asks about the hidden object under the red cloth. Rajnandini voices her concerns, stating that she worries about what will happen after their divorce is made public. Jeevika turns to Satvik and asks when they plan on revealing the truth, saying he seems unfazed by what happened in court. Satvik responds that he does not wish to act as Guru Ji has forbidden it. Meanwhile, Shlok sends a message to his secret love interest, and Swara’s phone starts ringing. He wonders if this mystery girl could be Swara.

Pandit ji instructs Satvik to place the mangalsutra on Jeevika. Sukanya inquires with Pradeep about Guru ji’s decision to renew their marriage ceremony. Pradeep explains it is at God’s behest and according to His desires. As Satvik holds the mangalsutra, Guru Ji urges him to adorn Jeevika with it, as this ritual is incomplete without it. Lata reminds Satvik that he has performed this act before and asks why he seems nervous. She advises him to become accustomed to tying the mangalsutra on Jeevika even in difficult times.

Narayan says you shall not hesitate to make her wear it. Juhi asks Rajnandini if they will get married again. Guru ji asks Jeevika to tell Guru ji something. Rajnandini says we shall let her do so. Narayan asks what bothers her. Sukanya asks her to say what bothers her. Lata says you all are behind the kids and thinks they might be tensed because they are doing rituals again.

Jeevika mentions the issue at hand is significant. Guru Ji interrupts and inquires if she does not desire happiness for her family. Jeevika assures him that she wants everyone to be happy. Guru Ji explains that to ensure joy and rid the house of evil, she must go through with this marriage and perform the puja ritual. He instructs Satvik to place the mangalsutra around her neck as part of the ceremony, emphasizing its importance for Jeevika and her entire family. As per his instruction, Satvik places the mangalsutra on Jeevika. He then asks Satvik to apply sindoor on Jeevika’s forehead and express his love for her. As per his words, Satvik applies sindoor on Jeevika’s forehead, symbolizing their love for each other.

Guru ji reminds them that it is time for the seven sacred vows that bind them together for eternity. He urges them to stand up and begin the rounds. Satvik recalls his promise to Jeevika that he will fulfill each vow with the same passion and devotion when they marry again, choosing her as his only partner. He takes Jeevika’s hand, and they exchange the seven vows together. The guests cheered and showered them with flower petals. Satvik declares his first vow, as Sukanya tells Pradeep that it feels like witnessing their first wedding all over again. Pradeep agrees, noting that it feels extra special this time because he is confident of Satvik’s love for Jeevika. Guru Ji concludes the ceremony by stating that with the completion of these seven rounds, their marriage and this auspicious puja are complete.

Rajnandini erupts at Guru Ji, questioning why he orchestrated the marriage under pretenses, knowing they were already wed. Her outburst catches everyone off guard. Lata intervenes, reminding Rajnandini to address Guru Ji with respect. Rajnandini retorts that she is speaking this way because he is her spiritual leader otherwise she would have…Guru Ji interjects, suggesting she would have rewarded him, and then expresses regret for his actions. He explains that all he wanted was their happiness, but circumstances forced him to keep it a secret, afraid that any ill fate might befall the union if others found out.

According to Guru ji, our goal is to improve this family’s situation. He inquires if Rajnandini shares the same desire for the family. She confirms that she wants to see the household prosper—Narayan questions why there is a need for anger toward Guru Ji. Rajnandini apologizes for her outburst and acknowledges that everything has happened quickly. She expresses her belief that this was meant to be. Guru Ji hopes that no one will doubt their marriage, as they have recognized each other’s love in just one day, which could take a lifetime to discover. He emphasizes the importance of their union.


Satvik dances with Manas and says he is delighted to be married to Jeevika again. Guru Ji reassures Satvik not to lose his courage and says Jeevika will always be beside him. As she is not just her bahu but their guide, he tells Jeevika not to leave this house if she loves Satvik.

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