Agnisakshi 15th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 15th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Jeevika checking in with Shlok, asking if Supriya is the one who heard her name. She then inquires if they can go back home and visit the doctor later. Rajnandini emerges from the scene with a grin, likely having placed Supriya there on purpose. They depart. After releasing from their embrace, Supriya turns to Satvik seeking guidance on what to do about her heart, which still holds feelings for him. Reassuringly, Satvik responds that he is well and mentions that Jeevika is injured and still unconscious. Satvik reaches out to Shlok, requesting an update on Jeevika’s condition. Upon hearing that she has regained consciousness, Shlok advises him to come home promptly. In a haste, Satvik takes his leave.

Rajnandini informs Jeevika that Satvik still has feelings for Supriya and explains that it’s not easy to let go of one’s first love. She then apologizes for being responsible for Jeevika’s marriage to Satvik, if he is sneaking around with Supriya behind her back. Jeevika reassures her that it wasn’t her fault, as Satvik had already mentioned Supriya to her. Rajnandini pretends to cry and exits the room. She recalls sending Satvik to meet Supriya after receiving a call from her. The flashback concludes and Rajnandini declares that she wants to stir up trouble between Satvik and Jeevika by igniting Supriya’s name in their lives.

Rajnandini speaks to the goon and expresses her desire for Rao to regain consciousness. She hopes that by doing so, she will discover what evidence he has against her. Jeevika confides in Satvik, unsure if she loves or hates him as she cannot bring herself to hate someone who has treated her and her family with so much respect. She promises not to cause him any trouble once they part ways. Satvik assures her that she has never caused him any trouble before. Jeevika acknowledges his love for Supriya and asks if she can make a request when the time is right. He agrees and she thanks him before leaving.

In the morning, Satvik brings tea for Jeevika and says today he has made for her. She sits to enjoy tea. She praises it. He sips it and spits. He says he will make another tea for her. Jeevika asks him to go to the office. Satvik tells her he has taken off today. Siddhi is coming today, so she’s going out. He asks her not to eat outside. Jeevika promises him not to eat outside food. She thanks him. He gives her a new mobile phone, since a goon had stolen her phone.

While speaking with someone, Rajnandini asks Sampath to retrieve Rao’s files. Upon receiving the request, he informs her that Satvik wants to review all the details, believing that Rao couldn’t have pulled off this fraud alone. Having second thoughts about the investigation, Rajnandini approaches Satvik and questions his presence there. He explains that he made unpleasant tea and Jeevika sent him to the office instead. Rajnandini reminds him of their plan to cause misery and pain for Jeevika in order to keep her away from him. However, Satvik clarifies that this was her idea and it has now been called off. Rajnandini defends herself by stating that she created this scheme for Jeevika’s benefit, but Satvik argues that it would only harm their friendship and complicate their relationship. Requesting access to Rao’s files, Rajnandini is denied by Satvik.


Satvik and others are shocked when Jeevika brings Supriya to her house.

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