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He is not that bad to harm his own wife, even though he is mannerless and a bit bad. Barkha asks Anupama to listen. As she tells her to take back the complaint, she says that if Adhik is guilty, I will end his relationship and throw him out. Romil hears his trust and gets upset. Adhik has known Ankush since his childhood, and he is skeptical that he can do this.

Anupama asks Ankush to call Anuj. Ankush says he won’t pick up the call. Anupama replies that he doesn’t do that. He asks Barkha what to do, because without Anuj, it is hard for him to handle Anupama, and he is concerned about her safety. Barkha and Ankush bring Anupama to Shah’s house. Anupama hugs Baa and cries, saying Pakhi…Everyone is shocked. Ankush tells them it was difficult to handle Anupama, which is why they brought her here. They ask where Anuj is.

As Akush informs us, the police have called Anuj for identification after finding a body that looks like Pakhi. Vanraj and Anupama cry, while the voiceover says that the parents wish for their children to be fine always. Anuj rushes there and reassures Anupama that she was right, the dead body is not Pakhi’s. Romil thinks I can be arrested too if Adhik is arrested. Kavya comes to Vanraj. He holds Kavya’s belly and recalls little Pakhi’s cry. He leaves.

A baby tells Kavya that she doesn’t understand Vanraj’s emotions before, but she now understands why their parents love them so much. Anuj asks Anupama to have something. Inspector comes there and informs Anuj that Adhik confessed to raising his hand on his wife, as well as admitting fraud in your office. The CCTV footage proves he was there with his friend, but she says Adhik does not know about his wife.

Barkha insisted that Adhik was innocent and not a criminal, but her words fell on deaf ears. Adhik arrived and questioned whether they believed him or the police. Vanraj accused him of being capable of fooling the authorities easily. Samar agreed with him, while Toshu suggested that he could have hired someone else to carry out his plans. Adhik then turned to Anupama and acknowledged that she might doubt his intentions due to his failure as a husband to Pakhi. However, he stated that he still loved her and urged them to consider the possibility of someone else being behind Pakhi’s abduction.

Romil receives a phone call from his friend, who informs him that everything has been going smoothly thus far. However, the situation has taken a turn as the police have become involved. His friend mentions that if they were caught, they would speak the truth to the authorities. Without hesitation, Romil assures his friend that he will come to their location. Adhik suggests considering the possibility that someone else may be responsible for the crime. Barkha adds that they are present and ready for action if needed, but urges everyone to consider Adhik’s words. Agreeing with Barkha, Ankush nods in understanding. Anuj points out that if the police have cleared Adhik’s name after interrogation, there may not be a need to worry about ransom demands at this time. Toshu questions whether anyone has noticed their friend taking a break somewhere.

Adhik is sitting outside, crying and thinking about Pakhi defending himself. He apologizes for hurting her and hits his hand against the wall for slapping her. Anupama arrives and stops him. He confesses to his mistake but insists he did not kidnap Pakhi. He asks her to find the real culprit before it’s too late. Anupama responds with anger, saying she will neither forgive nor forget what he did to her daughter. However, she suggests considering another perspective – if it was a ransom kidnapping, it would have been demanded by now. She also points out that Pakhi never lies about her whereabouts and goes to other places without informing them. This leads her to believe that Pakhi may be in trouble and if they don’t act quickly, it will only get worse. Adhik requests Anupama to keep an eye on him while searching for Pakhi.

Yes, Anupama says, we’ll search her for answers. She brings him inside. Vanraj asks why she brought him here, and she replies, “I can’t forget what he did to my daughter.” Barkha says his wife is also missing, and he is worried. Anupama says she will never forgive him for touching my daughter, but now we will focus on finding Pakhi.

People are celebrating Janmasthami. Baa says we used to celebrate Janmasthami every year. Anupama says we will celebrate Janmasthami even during these difficult times because that’s the true devotion we have for Kanha Ji. She says we shall pray that Pakhi shall return before Janmasthami. Everyone prays to God that Pakhi will return before Janmasthami. Baa asks God to do something so they can celebrate Pakhi’s birthday together.


It is clear Anupama will not rest until she receives her daughter. Ankush suggests that we visit PS. Anuj informs Romil that the police are coming here. Romil gets shocked and wonders what to do. Anupama surprises him by wishing him a happy birthday on his birthday. He thanked her. Despite the sorrows, she says we won’t let any good chance pass us by.


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