Anupama 17th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Emotional Conflict and Tapish’s Proposal

Anupama written update

Anupama 17th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj is watching the video of Anupama and his marriage. Shruti asks if he wishes to return to Anupama. She says I didn’t mean to start like this and that I knew you wouldn’t have slept, so I came. She asks him to answer honestly and not think she will be hurt. She asks if you want to return to Anupama.

Her voice indicated that she had cried a lot, according to Anupama. As she says, she could not refuse her, Anuj says I didn’t know. I hadn’t considered this at all. He said when she left Choti and me, I wanted to meet and question her, but I never thought about finishing our story. He says he doesn’t know the answer to her question and tells Shruti that whatever Kanha ji decides will happen. He asks Shruti if she would like to share something.

Vanraj’s boss praises the food, while Mahi predicts that this will earn her father good marks with his boss. In an exciting turn of events, the boss reveals that they have recruited a well-known personality for their project – none other than… Just then, Tapish appears and greets everyone. The children excitedly flock to him as he joins in on their games. Vanraj mentions he has to step out, but before he can leave, the boss invites Tapish inside and shares that he is their company’s brand ambassador and a famous social media influencer. Pakhi grins with delight while Dimpy looks concerned. Vanraj can’t help but feel discouraged by the news.

Shruti says I want to say, but I can’t. She wonders if you will hold Anupama’s hand if she extends her hand to you.

The boss tells Vanraj that there won’t be a problem since they know each other. Vanraj asks the Kids to go inside. The kids refuse. Tapish convinces them to go inside. The boss asks Vanraj to make Tapish happy and says he is now the face of the company.

Vanraj says his flight might be missed. Babu ji congratulates Tapish on his achievements. Tapish says that if Vanraj sir’s boss hadn’t called him, he would have also liked to come. He gives them a red dupatta and says he wants to marry Dimpy. Everyone reacts differently. Tapish looks at Dimpy and leaves.

Despite loving Anupama so much, Anuj also loves Aadhya equally. Shruti explains that, despite your feelings for me, they were just because of Aadhya. He says it isn’t like that. I admire what you have done for Aadhya, and I won’t forget it. Shruti says you said that you liked her instead of loving her. She says they were just friends from his side, though their relationship progressed.

If Aadhya agrees, she asks him if he will return to Anupama. Anuj says this won’t happen, as Aadhya’s hatred for Anu will never end. Shruti replies if that happens, then. She says I would try to sleep if I could. He says he wants to talk to her. Shruti says we will speak later; you aren’t leaving me today. As she leaves, Shruti cries.

The following day, Anupama is at the restaurant when Yashdeep arrives. She greets him and comments on his early arrival. He asks if anyone else will be joining them. Just then, Vikram appears and informs Anupama that there is an order for halwa. Without hesitation, she volunteers to make it. Shruti then enters the restaurant. Yashdeep offers to reserve a table at the neighboring Japanese restaurant if they prefer a more private setting for their conversation. However, Shruti declines, and they decide to sit outside instead. Yashdeep kindly offered to send them some tea, but Shruti requested coffee instead. He obliges and heads out.


Toshu meets Anuj and asks him to forget Mummy. He says AK…I mean Anuj. Anupama says your AK. Shruti says she doesn’t know if he is mine or not. He says she’s not as old as Anupama and is closer to the boss. Anuj says he needs to shut up. Shruti says our Ks were incomplete since you completed them.

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