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Titu assures Anupama, swearing on Bappa, that his relationship with Dimpy is purely platonic. Accepting his explanation, Anupama agrees and desires some alone time. He inquires about Dimpy, to which she responds by reaffirming her support for her friend and adds that she would have defended herself against Mr. Shah’s accusations if they were in a different setting. She firmly states that no one can separate her from her family, including Baa and Babu ji, as well as Dimpy and her children. She proclaims she will not allow Mr. Shah to confine Dimpy within the house.

The words of Vanraj and Pakhi make Titu teary-eyed as he leaves the room. When he goes live, he asks the fans if the girl and the man can’t be friends. He asks why they must prove their purity and says that sometimes friendship turns into love. According to him, friendship occurs when vibes and energy match. He asks them to make everyone understand that and says he will also be live next time.

Anuj approaches Choti and suggests that fairies may await her in the dream fairyland. Choti confesses she made a mistake and unintentionally hurt her best friend and mother. She reveals that she overhears Anupama’s conversation with Devika and learns that Devika used to stand up for Anupama when she was bullied in school. Choti admits she did not support her best friend and plans to apologize to her mother and Riya. Anuj believes only Anupama can help them in this situation. He recalls apologizing to Choti’s mother when he had made a mistake and offers his assistance. Choti asks for his help, prompting him to ask what she needs from him.

Baa asks Vanraj where you went. Vanraj asks Baa and Babu ji to sit. He pulls the chair, lifts it, and keeps it in the center. He says I want to talk to you about something important, and thinks you might not like it or feel shocked hearing it, but you must follow. Babu Ji asks what it is. Vanraj says Shah’s family cannot contact Anupama for help or work. Everyone looks stunned.

Anupama comes home. Choti calls her Mummy and apologizes poetically. Anupama hugs her. Baa asks what you are saying? Vanraj tells him you can contact her only on festivals and birthdays, but not always. He says everything will be over here. Babu ji says you are keeping your daughter at home, so I can’t call my help. The Baa tells him Anupama helps them with everything. Babu ji says whenever they need help, only Anupama is there.

He tells Anupama that she feels the house and this house cannot function without her. He says, “When I am not interfering in her house, why is she interfering?”. Babu ji says Anupama has done so much for the house. She provokes many house members, but Vanraj says she has done so much. Choti shows the card to Anupama and says she will give it to Riya and support her, but she won’t help the bullies.

As Anupama hugs her, she says kids should listen to their parents so they won’t make mistakes. She says you are our daughter. Why we will send you back to the orphanage? And asks whether Anuj’s parents sent him back to the orphanage as well. It’s you who make us happy. Choti says I love you. Anupama says I love you even more. Malti Devi and Barkha see them. Barkha says Anupama is winning. Malti Devi tells her to get ready to see her defeat. Anuj asks Choti to drink hot chocolate milk.

According to Vanraj, Anupama’s story is that she believes that she is right and has brainwashed all the girls of the house, including Kavya, Kinjal, and Dimpy, in the name of women empowerment. Kavya told me that despite always supporting us and saying whenever we need help, Anupama only helps us. Anupama has never influenced or advised anyone wrongly and helped without seeing that the opposite person has hurt her. Dimpy claims I have done something wrong to Mummy, but she stands by me no matter what.

He says he isn’t asking you to break her idol or not worship her, and he’s just asking you not to ask for help in front of her. Baa says okay, let Anupama handle her house, and you deal with us. He thanks her. Baa says she wants to keep Anupama away from the trouble and that the two families should stay away from each other. He thanks her. If Dimpy was there, would we have controlled her? Baa says Dimpy got wings there. Dimpy asks her to keep quiet.

It was Anupama who took Kavya home and took care of her so much. Baa says Anupama gave her wings. Kavya says you have given her a cage. Baa says Anupama should handle her house, and Vanraj should handle her house. Kavya says you should call her first if any problems arise. Pakhi says Mummy is not here, but she caused the fight. Baa says I am not against Anupama.

Kavya asks Pakhi to be quiet. Dimpy says Mummy won’t be here whenever you call her. Pakhi and Dimpy argue. Dimpy tells Pakhi to go. Vanraj shouts enough and says no one should contact Anupama now. Kavya says I’ll meet her and talk to her. Vanraj shows her the door. Kavya says she’ll leave when she finds a place to live.

After leaving, Anuj, Anupama, and Choti enjoy themselves. They offer her candy and chocolate milk. Later in the night, Babu ji cries when Kavya comes to him. He expresses frustration about his memory loss and questions how Vanraj and others could forget all that Anupama has done. He describes the house as hellish and urges Kavya to leave. Feeling helpless, he admits he cannot support her, Dimpy, or Anupama. Kavya reassures him that he is their support system. Babu Ji then tearfully exits the room.

It shocks Anuj to learn that Vanraj has asked her to stay away from the house. You have affection for the house, so it’s okay. He says I asked you not to leave, but…He says I can’t see your insult anymore, and asks her to love and respect them from a distance. Take a break, he says.


Anuj asks Anupama not to go. Anupama says blood relations are not weak enough to break with Mr. Shah’s sayings. Kinjal tells Baa they will call Mummy for Pari’s birthday; otherwise, the cake won’t be cut.

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