Anupama – Serial update 19th Jan 2023

Anupama written update

Vanraj returns to his room and lies down. Kavya remembers his insulting comments towards her modelling profession and his demand for money. She determinedly states that she will continue with her job despite anyone’s attempts to stop her, and Vanraj replies that she can do whatever she wants, but he wants peace at home. . Anuj spots Anupama cooking and offers to help but is refused. When he sees sesame laddus, he mentions how Little Anu loves them. Anupama nods and explains how different ingredients combined produce wonderful results. He then shares that he is jealous of Anu’s liking for Maaya. He shared an experience of something that happened when he was a child, leading the conversation towards the common human emotion of jealousy; especially when one’s parents give attention to others more than themselves. Both agree to let go of such thoughts and move on.

 In the background, Zindagi Ban Gaye Ho Tum… plays as Anuj romances Anupama while preparing a festival feast.

 Leela prepares snacks for Makar Sankranti, and Pakhi brings Kheer to share. She excitedly details how she made them and Samar teases her. Then Kavya announces that her director’s friend is throwing a big event that they have passes to attend. Adhik and Pakhi are thrilled while Toshu speaks of wanting to meet important people there. Samar warns him not to cause any drama, but everyone agrees they should coordinate their outfits for tomorrow. Kavya then says she has to head off to work, brushing off the holiday.

 Anuj and Anupama take Little Anu to obtain kites from a small vendor. Little Anu inquires why not purchase the kites from a big shop instead. Anupama explains how buying their goods without haggling could assist small vendors in celebrating festivals with their family. MaaYa secretly records the scene. Vanraj questions Kavya if it is essential for her to go out while the whole family is together. Kavya reminds him that he too used to say that duty comes first. Hasmukh agrees, stating that she should refrain from skipping work. Pakhi adds that even Adhik wanted to stay home but had an unavoidable meeting to attend.

 Mohit and Neha come to pick Kavya for the shoot.  Vanraj is not happy seeing them together.  Anupama and Anuj discuss about Dheeraj and Anupama feels that Dheeraj should move on now.  MaaYa is recording the conversation on her mobile.  Anuj is looking forward to finish the legal formalities of adopting Anu.

Anu likes a dress she sees on the internet and Anupama promises to make one for her because it is not available online.  Mohit comes home to meet Kavya’s family.  

Barkha and Ankush come home fighting.  They say their trip to Mumbai was a disaster.  Mohit apologizes to Vanraj for being rude to him on phone some days ago.

Barkha clearly says she cannot bring the child at home.  Anuj and Anupama want to know which child they are talking about.  Barkha informs them about Ankush’s illegitimate child

 Precap:   Anu receives a courier.  MaaYa has sent her a dress and sends a note that she is visiting her tomorrow for Makar Sankranti.   Anupama and Anuj look forward to getting answers to all their questions.


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