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Anupama written update

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Malti Devi asks Nakul to speak whatever he wants. Nakul tells her about the incident when Anupama was injured by broken glass pieces and tells her he had kept those glass pieces since he was hurt after Malti Devi appointed Anupama instead of him as her successor. He says he realized his mistake and doesn’t want her to make the same mistake.

Then Malti Devi gets angry and asks him to go to Anupama instead of staying with her. Even if he leaves Malti Devi, Anupama will hold his ear and bring her back, so he will stay with her and try to show her her mistakes until she corrects them. As Samar informs Anupama, the dance academy is sealed because they do not have a commercial license to run it.

As Anupama recalls her dance academy’s beginning, Samar apologizes for failing to save the school. Dimpy says they should act before students request a refund of their fees rather than cry. Toshu asks who informed the municipality. Leela says Malti Devi would have done that as she had challenged Anupama to destroy her completely. She criticizes Malti Devi’s narrow-minded thinking.

Anupama asks her to calm down as they will find some way out. Dimpy says that whether or not they find a way out, they will certainly be destroyed. In anger, they lose their ability to think. She asks why she didn’t think before returning midway from her flight. Kavya warns her to keep her language in check, Dimpy continues. Leela warns her to shut her filthy mouth.

Leela asks Anupama to relax and think about getting out of this situation. Hasmukh says Anupama is right. Vanraj notices bruises on Anupama’s wrist and asks if she visited Malti Devi. Anupama says yes. Leela says Anupama did wrong by returning midway from flight, she needs to do something before Malti Devi takes some big steps against them. Anupama leaves for home after Vanraj tells her not to worry about it and rest.

Malti Devi is met with criticism from her event investor for the losses incurred due to the cancellation of the event. She promises to cover the costs, but the investor abruptly ends the call, stating that she must do so no matter what. Malti Devi feels frustrated that someone who didn’t even confront her is berating her because of Anupama’s actions, and she vows to not let Anupama get away with it easily. Nakul overhears this exchange. Meanwhile, Anupama returns home, still reeling from the hurtful words from the Shah family. She embraces Anuj tightly and breaks down in tears. He reassures her that everything will be okay, and she determinedly replies that it has to be. As she ponders her next steps, a CA approaches her.

Anupama receives emotional support from her loved ones. CA reports completing her homework with Pakhi’s assistance. Anuj requests for the teacher’s note and inquires about what transpired. Anupama expresses fear after witnessing revenge in Guru Maa’s gaze, stating that she does not want her family to suffer consequences from Guru Maa’s actions. Anuj points out how Malti Devi has lost moral integrity by physically assaulting Anupama. He assures Anupama of his protection should any retribution occur, claiming to have faced many adversaries in life. Lastly, Anupama shares her distressed state of mind, feeling apprehensive about a potential unfavorable outcome.

In the evening, Anupama awakens to find that CA is no longer beside her. She calls both CA and Anuj, only to hear that the power is out. She searches throughout the house in the dark, stumbling several times, and discovers that even her phone has shut off. Thankfully, the power eventually returns. Shortly after, Anuj and CA return with ice cream for her. Anupama inquires about their whereabouts and expresses concern for their safety. Anuj explains that they saw CA sleeping and did not want to disturb her, as she had mentioned wanting ice cream earlier. However, Anupama reminds him of Guru Maa’s warning about potential harm coming to their children and urges them to wake her up in such instances. Alarmed, she rushes to the Shah household and frantically calls for her children.

When Vanraj, Hasmukh, Leela, and Kavya come up to her, they ask what happened. Toshu, Kinjal, Pakhi, and Dimpy walk out next. She hugs them and asks if they’re all fine. Pakhi asks what happened. Anupama says she thought they were. She asks them where her Samar is and searches for them. Toshu says Samar is gone. Anupama shouts Samar… She wakes up from sleep and prays gods to protect Samar. Anuj asks what happened.

A nightmare appears where Anupama’s Samar is. Anuj comforts her. She says since returning from Guru Maa’s house, she feels something will happen as Guru Maa is determined to harm her children to take revenge on her. Anupama says she feels something is going to happen to Samar. She says she feels something is going to happen to Samar. It’s just her nightmare because she’s worried about Samar. As long as her blessings are with him, he will destroy Malti Devi if she harms Anupama’s children.


It is Leela who tells Anupama that she believes Malti Devi will take revenge even from them. Malti Devi offers Samar a business contract. Anupama fears Guru Maa will harm her children.

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