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The wounds that Dimple tells Anupama will never heal are deep and long-lasting. Some people ignore them and move on, but others never have the courage to forget and move on; she one amount them; she is insecure after losing her love once and fears losing her love again; she lost her husband, parents, dignity, and confidence all at once and has no courage to lose it again.

Dimple acknowledges that her insecurity may persist, along with her tendency to misbehave, but she sincerely desires for Anupama to take charge. Overwhelmed with remorse, she breaks down and apologizes to Anupama for her behaviour. A long speech is given on the child’s fears and insecurities, and how elders ignore her. She admits she misbehaved and knows her mistake, but her past helps them understand her state of mind.

It is then Dimple’s and Samar’s turn to receive Hasmukh’s blessings first. Hasmukh instructs them to take their mother’s blessings first, then Hasmukh and Leela’s blessings. As a result of her misbehaviour, Dimple apologizes to Leela and tells her she can’t be like Anupama and Kinjal, but she’ll try to be like them and should help them if she makes any mistakes.

Hasmukh says each woman is unique and different, one cannot expect everyone to be like Anupama and Kinjal, one must accept their special qualities and move on, etc. If she is right, Kavya, then Leela would call her a bad daughter-in-law if she didn’t act like Anupama.

Then Anupama gives Kavya a hug and congratulates her on becoming a mother-in-law again. Kinjal tells Kavya that she now has a devrani and Pari now has a chachi. Leela tells Vanraj that she is against this wedding from the beginning, so let Anupama give Dimple her jewellery.

As Anuj and Little Anu enjoy breakfast, Maaya asks if they need more parathas and opens the door to find Anupama walking in and taking them away. She panics and says that she cannot take them. As Anupama returns, she recollects Anuj’s words that he loves only Anupama and will return to her soon. Little Anu calls Anupama mother and Maaya as only Maaya.

While she applies sindoor and mangalsutra in Anuj’s name, she thinks fate has repeatedly snatched him away from her, but now she won’t let fate snatch him from her and won’t allow him to return to Anupama at any cost.

Anuj is returning to take care of Anupama, so Kanta and Bhavesh do not have to worry about her anymore. Bhavesh asks if Anuj is delaying, why don’t you go or call him? He jokes about acting like an 80s heroine. Kanta looks worried about Anupama as she says she’ll wait for him.

Leela says to Vanraj that Anuj and Anupama are both the same and repeat the same words, making Anupama seem like she is desperate to return to Anuj. Vanraj says Anuj is chanting Anupama’s name as Maaya must have kicked him out. As she sits nearby, Kavya hears their conversation and asks if they discuss their agenda in the open. She has been sitting here for a long time, but they complain that she has not even noticed them.

Dimple informs Vanraj that if Anuj has no right to confront Anupama, then, by the same logic, Vanraj has no right to confront anyone or even leave his room. Despite this, Vanraj defiantly emerges from his room with an angry and egoistic expression. Vanraj warns her to choose her words carefully.
Anuj didn’t come to Anupama out of guilt, Kavya says, but Vanraj shamelessly walks over to Anupama, showing his fake friendship. Leela is tongue lashed for her hypocritical behaviour, and she says that it is hard to tell if Vanraj is Leela with a moustache or Leela is Vanraj without a moustache.

She says she’s very happy anyways and tells Vanraj that his happiness will not last long as Anuj will return to Anupama and live happily ever after, but Leela and Vanraj will continue to whine and plan to marry someone’s wife. He walks away with his usual evil grin and says that this will happen when Anuj returns, he has not returned yet, and there is a difference between already arrived and will arrive.

In response to Anuj’s words that he loves her immensely whether she’s close to him or far away, Anupama feels shy. When Anupama says her mummy and papa are patched up, she jumps with joy. Anuj pampers her happily. Kavya smiles confidently. Anupama performs nazar and continues being a shy teenager. A song plays in the background called Tu Shayar Hai.


In anticipation of meeting Anupama, Anupama gets a message and eagerly informs Kanta that Anuj is coming. The pain of separation was tolerated by Kanta, but if the hope of reuniting breaks, she cannot tolerate it; Maaya feels anxious seeing Anuj’s excitement. She won’t send her daughter to her in-laws until she is confident.


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