Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai for 24th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Manish says it’s good you’re here; the distance between us is lessening. Kairav taunts. Manish scolds him. Akshara watches. Abhimanyu says he will come before you leave for the airport tomorrow. According to Akshara, she knows her rigidity and madness well, and that’s why she studied law so that she wouldn’t let you take my son.

Abhimanyu sits in the car. Abhinav knocks on the window. Abhinav asks what happened, you’re suddenly leaving, you’re playing with Abhir, you didn’t meet me, did I make any mistakes, or did I do something else that would have been corrected by you? You didn’t tell me anything, so I’ll go, I’ll come tomorrow for Junior, and he leaves.

He says he wanted to say something but stopped. Akshara packs the bag. Abhir says the doctor left, he wants to play well. Akshara says he had to go, so I will pack. Abhinav needs both his parents, you can’t fall weak Abhinav, I won’t tell you the truth now, we’ll go to the US, and I’ll tell you everything there. Abhinav looks on. Abhir prays.

We can plan something at home, we can manage it well here. Manjiri says don’t think about it. Shefali says it will be too much. Manjiri says don’t think about it. Aarohi suggests that we can organize something at home and handle it effectively in our own space.

Aarohi says we can get married next week, my relationship with Abhimanyu has been complicated, we’ve been through many ups and downs, I feel tense, and we have fought against many people, so why to challenge fate, we just want your blessings. He smiles and says, “I’d like you and Abhimanyu to marry soon. I’ll speak with Abhimanyu, don’t worry.”

Parth checks Abhi’s schedule. Abhimanyu deletes it. He says tomorrow is an important day for me. I want my schedule clear, and I will transfer my surgeries to Dr Iyer. I can’t give all the surgeries to Dr Iyer, says Parth. Abhimanyu says I’m not running away, but I have my duty somewhere else.

She asks him not to worry. He says just call me if you need help. She gives him his passport. He says it’s Kairav, learn my name until I arrive. She says I will try, take care. Kairav tells Muskaan what to do. Dadi does the tilak. Kairav tells Muskaan what to do. Abhimanyu is meditating. Akshara says we will leave now. Manish says don’t worry, just relax. Suvarna asks her to have breakfast. Abhir waits. Abhimanyu prays.

Finished with tea, Akshara says we must leave. Manish says he will drop you off before time. She says we will leave together now. Abhimanyu comes and hugs Abhir. Abhir asks did your magic trick work. Abhimanyu says yes, don’t worry.

They all ask how this can happen. Akshara argues. Manish thanks you for coming. Abhimanyu says you have made all the arrangements, but Abhir’s doctor is in the US, and he isn’t available. They all ask how this can happen.

The doctor is in Udaipur, Abhimanyu says, he’s standing outside. He calls Dr Roy out. He gets him. Roy returns. Abhinav inquires about what’s going on. Abhimanyu has called me, he sent my tickets and paid my fees, he emailed me Abhir’s case history, I visited Birla Hospital to discuss the case, I checked the OT and lab, and it’s perfect, and his surgery can be done. I’m so proud of you Abhimanyu, I’m so proud of you Abhimanyu. Suvarna and Muskaan say we can assist them.

Abhir will stay with everyone and get well soon, Dadi said. Abhinav says it’s fine, right? Abhimanyu asks Akshara what she’s thinking, I’m going to stay with Abhir. Roy says Abhimanyu and I will take good care of Abhir, don’t worry. She nods. Abhir says it’s best. He says it’s okay. Manish says it has some merits.

It is best for Abhir to be with his father, so he is in his arms. Abhimanyu thinks no one can break him away from his son. You lost Akshara. She thinks I won’t lose this battle. Akshara remembers Abhi’s words. Abhinav says this is best for Abhir. He is shocked.

He states that he won’t get married until Abhir’s surgery is successfully completed. Aarohi, on the other hand, is eager for the wedding to take place soon and wonders why he is overly concerned about Abhir. He explains that Abhir is his patient and holds significance to him.

He says no, they will stay here, I will watch everything, I can’t take any risks, I’m the best doctor for him, good will happen, I didn’t want him to leave and now… I’m making this decision. Manjiri says you can’t go this way, Abhir should get better, but Aarohi and your marriage are also important, so why are you postponing your marriage for Akshara’s son?


Aarohi sees Abhir and Akshara. She scolds Akshara. Abhimanyu gives Abhir a chain.

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