Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira and Armaan’s New Beginning

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The Episode begins with Abhira dancing. Vandana says I guarantee, you’ll never get bored, your wife is dancing alone, so go and dance. Armaan and Abhira dance. She says I’m the best, right? He says you’re crazy. Vandana dances with Mrunal and Bobby. Dadi gives candies to Tara. Armaan catches a falling candy. Abhira tells him that Makar Sankranti has become more cheerful now. He smiles.

Abhira praises Bhoomi’s songs. Bhoomi says I’m going to meet my family today; thanks for calling me. I wish you all a happy Makar Sankranti; I want Abhira to succeed in her dreams, and Vandana, your passion for music remains. She hugs Abhira and Vandana. Bhoomi thanked them. Bhoomi leaves. Vidya says we will have food now. Vandana says she doesn’t know what’s happening at home, but she wishes Kunal was here. Abhira says we’ll make kites like her mother and I used to.

All of us will make kites, Vandana says. Everyone starts making kites. Yeh Rishta kya…plays… Vidya cries. Armaan holds her. Manish says one daughter doesn’t want to leave Sasural, and the other didn’t come to me. Abhira says I regard you, Parnanu, but you are Ruhi’s Bnanu, and I have no right, so I cannot come to you. Armaan and Ruhi watch.

Vidya says to write your message on your kites. Armaan sees dadi writing Rohit’s name on a kite. He makes candy, and Tara goes to Vandana. Sonia becomes jealous. Pammi says thanks. You all come to Mumbai soon. Dadi says yes. She blesses Vandana and hugs Tara. She says Tara will stay with us. Pammi jokes.

Armaan says Vandana, help Abhira in her career. She asks them to care for them. Pammi and family leave. Armaan sees Aryan flying Dadi’s kite. He smiles. He says he will do his best to make you win, and I am not as good at kite flying as Rohit. Seeing Ruhi fly the kite, Armaan recalls her childhood. He helps her fly the kite.

Ruhi asks what’s going on with her and why I feel love for Armaan again. Abhira says don’t make fun of her. Armaan thinks he can help. Abhira says you’re not so bad. He jokes. She asks will you become my friend. He asks will you fight less. She says I’ll think about it. Should we become friends? They shake hands. Manish looks on and smiles. Ruhi says stop thinking about Armaan…

Getting Abhira downstairs in the morning. Dadi, Manish and Vidya talk. Armaan insists and takes Abhira. Abhira falls on Dadi’s feet. Charu watches. Manisha jokes. Dadi asks Abhira to get up. Abhira says, “It’s my first day at college; bless me.” Dadi scolds her. Dadi looks on and goes. Everyone leaves. Abhira runs upstairs. Charu says you won the best husband award, not the best brother award. She argues.

He says I won’t give up, I won’t lose. She says don’t give me false hopes. He goes to Abhira. She asked where my good luck charm was. He says he doesn’t know. She says I need it. He thinks I’ll drop you off. Thanks, I’ll go. You can’t tell routes, he says. She says I have maps on my phone. He pulls her back. He holds her in his arms. The papers fall. She looks at him as she falls back.

She says what did you do? I got late because you did it. He says I’m dropping you, and I promised Akshara that’s it. She says no talks now, have this. She feeds her the sweet curd. She says everything will be fine. Abhira jokes. Ruhi apologizes. Abhira says she’s sorry too, thanks for making my mood better, we’ll play rock, paper, scissor. They play. Abhira says she won. Ruhi hugged her.


Manish turns. Abhira steps inside the college. Abhira falls. Manish shouts Abhir. Armaan gives Abhira a toy tortoise. Abhira gets happy. The manager asks if that singer came, that Abhir. Manish asks.

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