Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2023 Written Episode: Akshara’s Emotional Journey Towards Motherhood

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The doctor is treating Akshara at the beginning of the episode. Abhimanyu continues to pray. Akshara becomes conscious. She visits the doctor. The doctor says oh no, we are losing the baby. Akshara is worried and asks about the baby. The doctor says to relax; nothing will happen. Abhimanyu prays to Mahadev for the baby. Muskaan also prays for the baby. Akshara asks for her baby’s protection. The doctor says, relax, calm down, and take a deep breath.

Aarohi recalls her past. As she hears the baby’s heartbeat, she asks, “Is my baby fine?” Abhimanyu prays, “Take my life, Mahadev, but save the baby.” Doctor says the baby appears healthy, heartbeat appears stable. Everyone comes in, including Manish. Manish says no one can stop the baby from coming to us. Aarohi says I knew it; my sister is strong, and the baby is stronger. Muskaan is asked not to cry. Akshara inquires about Abhimanyu.

Akshara says she wants to talk to him. Aarohi says he went somewhere. She calls Abhimanyu. Pandit says maybe it’s from his home. He answers the phone and shows Akshara Abhimanyu. Everyone sees Abhimanyu standing on one leg and praying. He asks Akshara how the baby is doing. She signs okay. Aarohi and Manish take Akshara home.

Akshara asks why Suvarna, Dadi, and Kairav didn’t return. Muskaan says I sent kids to play, and elders prayed for you. Surekha says you’re safe because of Dadi’s prayers. Aarohi asks Akshara to rest. She says no, she wants to be here. They see Abhimanyu coming. Abhimanyu hugs Akshara happily. Jaaniye….plays….

Aarohi says we should leave now. Abhimanyu will take care of Akshara. Akshara says Manjiri didn’t push me; it was just an accident. Manish asks her to rest. She claims she didn’t push me; I fell because of the mattress. Manish explains that you are trying to save Manjiri. Akshara leaves. Muskaan tells Akshara to rest. Abhimanyu believes that you are fighting your family for Manjiri’s sake.

Abhir and Ruhi anxiously await Abhimanyu’s arrival while Manjiri approaches them with a warm embrace. She explains that she has visited them, and Abhimanyu wonders why she chose this place, not their home. Ruhi then inquires about her absence from the puja. Manjiri engages in conversation with them until Abhimanyu joins them, instructing the children to go to the car. As Manjiri tries to stop him for a moment, she sincerely apologizes for her previous mistakes. Despite his protests, she insists on asking for forgiveness and promises to love Akshara’s baby just as much as Ruhi and Abhir. Upon hearing this, Abhimanyu is grateful and embraces her, but his dream abruptly ends as he realizes that Manjiri will never truly accept Akshara’s child as her own.

Manjiri sheds tears as she watches Abhimanyu’s departure. Akshara then entertains the children with stories as they eventually fall asleep and mutter, yearning for Abhimanyu’s presence. Disheartened, Akshara reveals that Abhimanyu has yet to return. Suddenly, Aarohi arrives and fills her in on the recent hospital discussion. In a flashback, we see Abhimanyu engaged in a heated argument with Mahima. He questions her decision and suggests using the funds for those unable to afford medical expenses instead of creating a VIP hospital. Parth defends his mother’s experience, while Abhimanyu insists on prioritizing those in need of critical care.

Mahima, Aarohi, and Abhimanyu were discussing their charity work. Mahima stated they couldn’t continue, so Aarohi reminded them about their commitment to a large charity quota. Abhimanyu chimed in, highlighting the excellent facilities they had for their work. However, Mahima clarified that they needed to focus on earning money first to open a VIP hospital, insisting that her decision was final. The discussion ended there. Later, Aarohi informed everyone that Abhimanyu was very stressed at the hospital, leading him to send her home. When he discovered what was happening in his absence, he expressed disappointment towards Mahima’s actions. Just then, a peon arrived with a tiffin for Abhimanyu. He initially refused it as he assumed his mother had sent it, but upon finding out Akshara had arranged for them to have a meal together, he stopped the peon and decided to share the food with everyone.

She says I did not make the food, so I don’t need to be thanked. Abhimanyu thanks her for thinking of me. They eat and talk. Akshara visits the hospital and thinks of meeting Abhimanyu. Mahima says the board decided to make the VIP hospital; you must leave if you have any problems. Akshara asks for Abhimanyu and meets him. Abhimanyu says it’s okay, I won’t be working here. Parth says I knew it, so I prepared your stuff.

Mahima pleads with him to stop his actions. She urges Abhimanyu to fulfill his duties as a doctor. He replies that he is already doing so. Mahima expresses her concern, warning him not to destroy their relationship. In response, he seeks her blessings and promises to turn to her if any issues arise. He adds that he hopes she and their mother will realize their mistakes and find guidance from Mahadev. She echoes the same sentiment for him. He takes the box and departs, catching sight of Akshara and quickly retreating. In his mind, he decides not to share anything with her to prevent further stress.


She asks the man not to give the job to Abhimanyu. Manjiri writes a letter for Abhimanyu and cries. Abhimanyu asks Akshara what she did. She answers.

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