Anupama 4th November 2023 Written Episode: Anuj and Anupama’s Heartfelt Dance and Tapish’s Surprising Revelation

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Anuj and Anupama dance to the song “Kab tak chup baithe” as he confidently assures her that he will complete the challenge in front of everyone. Anupama admits to challenging him lightly, to which he warns her not to speak without thinking. Playfully, he turns off the light and asks for a kiss on her cheek. As the lights return, everyone cheers, and Anupama tells Anuj how clever he is. She then goes to the kitchen and quietly expresses her gratitude towards God for blessing her with such a loving husband. While preparing kheer, she notices a man approaching who resembles Samar. Thinking it’s her brother-in-law, she jokingly calls out, “Thief.” The man introduces himself as Tapish but explains that his nickname is Tittu. He mentions being a dancer with many fans and reveals his reason for coming was to see Dimpy.

Anupama inquires about the reason for Tapish’s visit. He explains that Dimpy had criticized his dance, likening it to Aerobics and Zumba. However, he admires Anupama and agrees with her daughter’s performance assessment. He requests her blessings and quotes the words Anupama had shared with Samar earlier. Spotting a bowl of kheer, Tapish confesses his weakness for it. Anupama kindly offered him some, which he gratefully accepted. As she fondly remembers Samar, Tapish thanks her and praises her character. Getting ready to leave, he is stopped by Anupama, who reminds him that he has come to see Dimpy.

He says I got my answers. Anupama says there is a function at home today and invites him. She asks him to come home through the main door. Anupama arrives and says she is surprised. Tapish enters and greets Malti Devi. He identifies him, says he has 25 lakh followers, and says she is one of them and is happy to see her. Anupama is asked why she did not mention that she knows Tapish personally.

Anupama says he wants to meet Dimpy. Baa asks why you brought him here. Paakhi asks if he needs anything. Dimpy asks why you came here. She tells Tapish that he dances the way people like, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to dance. During the dance, Tapish touches Anupama’s feet before dancing. Anupama and Tapish begin dancing on the song Dholri ra…

Everyone enjoys a happy dance. Dimpy also smiles. Tapish dances with the dhol. He stops and sits in front of Anupama with the dhol. Anupama gets emotional and claps. Tapish says that for the first time, he feels like he is leaving home. Dimpy says you might have made the video. He says he is an influencer and not foolish and knows about family privacy.

As she says we cannot give you much salary. Anupama asks if he will join their dance academy, which used to be run by her late son and daughter-in-law. He asks if he is your son whose photo is on the wall. Anupama says yes, Samar. He agrees to work with Anupama. Dimpy tells Anupama they need someone to handle the academy. Tapish says he’ll be here when he’s in Ahmedabad. Anupama says sure. She goes inside. Dimpy asks Tapish, “So?

Baa inquires if Anupama has departed from the house. She responds that she is currently in conversation with Dimpy. Baa expresses her worry, stating that their neighbors might see Dimpy talking to a stranger. Anupama reassures Baa and embraces her. At this moment, Anuj clicks a photo of them. Baa commends Anuj for his efforts and expresses gratitude towards him. He humbly deflects the praise, mentioning that he supports whatever Anupama does. Baa acknowledges Anuj’s equal contribution and mentions how he permits her to care for her maternal home. Anuj asserts that they both share an equal role and support one another. He emphasizes Anupama’s strong connection with the house, reminding Baa that she was once her mother-in-law, who used to be harsh on her.

Anupama says dangerous. Baa is upset. Anuj says you used to get unreasonable, but there’s another side of you: you love her a lot. He calls her Leela behen. She says that she’s sure they’ll never leave her. Baa says if kids love you, we don’t feel like furniture. Malti Devi hears that and gets upset with Baa.


Baa asks Kinjal to stop Toshu and tells him not to leave the house. Kinjal says we are helpless. Baa cries. Anupama comes to perform puja, when Malti Devi joins her.

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