Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th September 2023 Written Episode: Shantanu’s Devotion to Isha Amidst Family Struggles


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Isha barged into the family’s happiness today, ruining it all. Yashwant says Shantanu should not have taken Isha there. Surekha says Shantanu is all responsible. When Shantanu walks in, he admits that his mistake was not being by Isha’s side when she needed him most; he got his peace of mind through vipassana, but what about Isha’s peace of mind? As he doesn’t know what they went through in his absence, Yashwant asks him what he means.

Shantanu says Isha was shot; they should have brought her home, but she suffered alone and is staying in a hotel room. Surekha says they tried to behave well with Isha and even offered to bring her home. Shantanu asks who stopped them. Ishan enters and says he stopped them and told them he would leave the house if she came.

Shantanu tongue-lashes Ishan for his misbehavior with his mother, but Yashwant, Surekha, and Nishi try to convince Shantanu that Isha is wrong. As Shantanu reaches Isha’s room, he tells Ishan that he will repent one day for his misbehavior with his mother. Isha keeps crying as she recalls Ishan’s bitter words. Savi attempts to calm Isha down.

As Shantanu asks Savi if Isha has his sent juice, Savi says no. Shantanu sits by Isha. Savi closes the door and leaves the room. Savi returns the next morning. Shantanu asks her to be with Isha while he freshens up and returns. Savi says she should rest and go home. She has been admitted after much effort, and Shantanu says she should attend class; he will return shortly.

With Nishi, Yashwant waits for Shantanu to leave for an important meeting. Shantanu walks in. It is getting late for the meeting. Shantanu says he cannot attend because he has some important work to do. Surekha asks him to be clear. Shantanu says Isha needs him. Yashwant and Surekha try to discourage him and make him feel guilty for supporting Isha. Shantanu gets adamant and says he won’t listen to them this time and will be by Isha’s side. He leaves.

While on the way to the hotel, Shantanu calls Savi and asks her to leave for the college. Shantanu will arrive there in a few minutes. Savi leaves. Durva and the gang feel pleased not finding Savi in class and discuss how she will face Ishan’s wrath even today, since she is an outstanding student standing outside his class. Upon entering the class, Savi says, “Let’s see what they can accomplish.” Ishan enters and starts the class.

After recalling Ishan’s bitter words, Isha loses her mental balance and leaves her hotel room. She bumps into a staff and walks away absentmindedly. Ishan calls her Aayi, pampers him, and asks why he speaks so bitterly to his mother. Boy leaves. In search of Ishan, she wanders on the street as a speeding truck approaches.

After reaching the hotel room, Shantanu waits outside, thinking she is in the bathroom. When he calls her number, it is switched off. Savi asks him to open the door with the hotel staff’s help and rushes to the hotel. Isha is missing, and they are looking for her. Staff informed Shantanu that Isha had left the hotel some time ago.


As Ishan and Savi reach the morgue, the inspector informs them that they found a dead body, which they doubt is Isha’s. Savi looks shocked as he sees the body.

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