Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th December 2023 Written Episode: Savi’s Play and Isha’s Return


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After picking up a fallen calendar, Savi keeps it on the table. When she is about to see Reeva and Ishan’s photo, Reeva calls her and asks why she is asking so many questions about counseling when someone close to her is experiencing trauma. She thinks she can’t tell Reeva it’s about Isha and Ishan and says she’s just curious about psychology.

It is no wonder Reeva is a top student since she seems to be curious. Savi asks why that corner is covered. Reeva replies that she hasn’t unpacked yet. After seeing Ishan angry and Durva troubling her, Savi asks if she has problems with the Bhosale family. Despite Ishan’s strictness and last-minute appointment, Reeva says she will clear everyone’s confusion soon. Savi leaves.

The following day, Ishan takes everyone to the mic to wish them a good morning. Savi’s friends wonder why he’s announcing the mic. Navya explains that Ishan used to do the assembly before she joined. Exciting news follows as Ishan announces that their hard work has paid off and Bhosale Institute of Excellence has been recognized as the best college in the central zone by Pune University’s magazine. The entire student body is thrilled at the achievement. In addition, Ishan reveals that their chairman, Mr. Yashwant Rao Bhosale, will receive an award, and a party will be held after their final exams for all students to attend. He promises that it will be a celebration unlike any they have experienced before. The students are even more ecstatic upon hearing this news. Soon, congratulatory calls start pouring in for Ishan to congratulate him on the excellent news.

Savi enters and congratulates Ishan, informing him that she has written a new play for the college festival. She suggests that he read it before rehearsals begin. As he takes the script, she silently prays that he doesn’t realize it is based on his and his mother’s story and tears it up. Ishan inquires about the writer of the script, to which Savi admits it was her. He encourages her always to take credit for her work and writes her name on the script. However, before he can read it, Nishi interrupts with news that reporters want to interview him. Ishan excuses himself, promising to read the script later. Savi mentions that she has made copies of it.

Savi gives her team a script and asks if they read it all. They all say yes, director madam. She introduces the boy who will play Shiva in the play and asks who would play the mother and aunt. Navya says she is uncomfortable with the characters and asks why she doesn’t play one of them. After their conversation yesterday, Reeva calls Savi and asks if she wrote this script.

Reeva praises Savi’s talent and asks if she will participate in her play. As a result, Savi informs the team that Reeva will be a part of the play. Navya says she can’t play a mother role because it’s too complicated. Everyone insists she plays that role, and she does. Kajal says Badimaa’s role is too negative for her. Savi asks Reeva to take on that role, and everyone agrees. Reeva accepts.

After receiving his award, Yashwant returns home, where Surekha performs aarti and Nazar, praying for their family and institute to be protected from negative energy. Yashwant confidently states that hard work shields one from nazar. Ishan agrees and mentions throwing a post-exam celebration with a guest list including students, parents, and education board members. Surekha confirms if Isha has also been invited. Nishi explains that they had to ask her due to her high position on the education board but reassures Surekha that Isha will not attend. Savi extends an invitation to Isha to watch the play.

Since Isha cannot see Surekha’s face and bear Ishan’s hatred, she refuses to come. Savi says time and people change; even Ishan will change over time. Isha says she has heard it many times but cannot attend. Savi tells Isha she is dedicating this play to her, and she makes a promise to her. Isha sits silent.

After stepping into the auditorium on the left foot first, Surekha becomes tensed. Yash assures her nothing will go wrong. Harini meets Savi and cheers her up. Although Savi claims this play is a guru dakshina for Isha madam, Isha madam has not shown up. Isha asks her if it is possible that she missed Savi’s play and wishes her the best.


They ask Ishan if he will clear his differences with Isha after they learn through Savi that the disagreements between him and his mother Isha have to do with Surekha. Ishan gets angry at Savi. Surekha acts as if she is collapsing. Savi tells Isha that she shouldn’t have taken her and Ishan’s issue in public; now, Ishan will never forgive her. Savi tells Ishan that whatever she did was not just for Isha but for him as well. He pushes her away angrily.

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