Anupama 16th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Confronts Toshu, Decides to Take Him to the Police

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Anupama 16th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshu asks how I can go to jail. Anupama tells him to clarify this with the police and not her. She says you can watch the video to prove that I am innocent and not guilty. She says Anuj sent this video to you because he wanted a mother to decide, and I decided to punish my son for his crime. She asks him to come to PS now itself. Vanraj tells Anupama that they will sort out the matter at home. Baa tells her to consider Kinjal and Pari.

Anupama says I’m out on bail but will go to jail if the real criminal isn’t found. She asks Baa, “You feel bad for your grandson, then take his blame on your head and go to jail.” Baa asks why I’m taking the blame, and Anupama asks why I’m taking the blame. Vanraj says you’ll be proven innocent anyway and advises her not to go to the police.

Baa prompts Anupama to consider her son’s actions. Anupama recalls the lack of support from her son during her arrest and expresses disappointment in his behavior. She questions whether he did not feel any remorse as a mother. She reminds him that he is responsible for her imprisonment and threatens to take him to the police station. Vanraj intervenes, stating that their son will not be going anywhere. However, Anupama warns them that if they try to stop her, she will report both of them to the police. She emphasizes that since she has already visited jail, it’s their turn. Anupama firmly instructs Vanraj not to mess with her and calls for Toshu to come forward. Toshu visualizes himself holding handcuffs and admits to stealing a necklace to save Pari.

The lawyer arrives at Shruti’s house, informing her that he needs to speak with her urgently before she departs tomorrow. While Anuj is ready to leave, Shruti convinces him to stay, assuring him she has nothing to hide. The lawyer reveals that her parents have left all their assets, properties, and bank accounts in her name and asks for her decision on what to do with them. After some contemplation, Shruti admits to wanting to sell everything. However, Anuj suggests reconsidering this choice. Shruti then expresses her desire to join Anuj as his wife in the US. She shares that although the house holds sentimental value due to her parents’ memories, it also brings her pain. She clarifies that she feels attached to her parents rather than their properties.

Toshu tells Anupama that someone threatened him when he was standing outside the locker room. Toshu called the school, and the principal said someone had picked Pari up. Flashback ends. Vanraj asks Anupama to understand his helplessness and says he thought no one would check your bag in Anuj’s presence, so he put the necklace in your bag.

According to Anupama, you were aware of the situation yet remained quiet. She holds him responsible for the harmful influence and suggests that if he had correctly investigated, he would have discovered Pari was not kidnapped. However, he opted for the easy way out by quickly paying off the loan, leading to the theft of crores worth of jewelry. Baa urges Kinjal to take action and points out that her mother-in-law has been causing trouble. In agreement, Kinjal states that her mother is not at fault. Anupama then asks Toshu to accompany her. However, Toshu requests some time to spend with Pari. Agreeing, Anupama grants him until tomorrow to turn himself into the police.

Titu informs Dimpy that he plans to travel to the US and inquires if Ansh and you want to join me. She teases him about his vivid imagination, then asks if he intends to return or settle there permanently. Titu wonders if she wants him to return and notes that her silence speaks volumes. He mentions his plan to visit Anu Maam, to which she offers to send gifts for them. Titu presents her with a ring, prompting her to extend her hand for him to wear it. Dimpy reciprocates by removing her hair clip and creating a makeshift ring for him to wear. Titu assures her that he will return in two months, and Dimpy urges him to return promptly.

A song plays…Yashdeep asks Anupama if she’s okay. Toshu spends time with Pari and plays with her. Anuj remembers Shruti and Anupama. Kinjal feeds Baa food. The next morning, Anupama is at Toshu’s house. Kinjal tells her Toshu eloped with his stuff. Baa blames Anupama and says he eloped because of you. Vanraj tells her eloping is better than staying in jail.

In response to Anupama’s statement that you made him elope, she says a parent should not hide his child’s mistakes and give good values to him. She asks where he is. Vanraj says I didn’t know. Anupama says I know you know about it. She says I’ll show the video to the police, and they know many ways to search for him. Baa says he doesn’t know if Toshu did the right thing. She leaves.

Toshu tells Vanraj he has no choice now and asks him to look after Kinjal and Pari. If I am caught, I will be deported. Vanraj gets emotional and gives him money. He says you’re my only child and asks where you’ll go. Toshu says he’ll inform me later. Flashback ends. Toshu says Vanraj is only a father and has only Toshu.


Yashdeep plans Anupama’s birthday. Anupama comes there. Beeji asks if you are fine. Anupama says she had gone to the PS, but. As Anuj returns, he tells Anupama that he will request Zaveri to take the case back if she wishes. As a result, Anupama tells Toshu to confess to his crime at the police station.

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