Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Written Episode: Emotional Turmoil at Kimaya and Reyansh’s Engagement


Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kriti thinks she will be able to take on Aradhana. When Kimaya falls by mistake, Malini and Aradhana are worried. Kimaya cries. Malini says I don’t want anyone to see Kimaya in such a state, Aradhana, please help me, you know everything; Kimaya and Reyansh should still be engaged. Aradhana thinks Reyansh won’t agree to this engagement. Jai accuses Kriti of making Kima fall.

Kriti says I won’t make this mistake next time. He says I am yours, but remember one thing: I will never love or respect you. She says it is all about branding, your engagement ring is of my name, you are mine, nothing can change that, Aradhana will bring Reyansh to the mandap, I know. Malini says Kimaya lost her baby. She cries and Aradhana hugs her and tears.

Aradhana embraces Kimaya, who is overcome with tears. Malini comforts Kimaya while she shares her heartache about being unable to save her baby. In a gentle tone, Malini encourages Kimaya to stay positive. She then requests Aradhana to leave the room and not allow anyone inside. As the song “Kehta hai ye pal” plays in the background, Aradhana ponders how she cannot imagine Reyansh getting engaged to Kimaya. Meanwhile, Kriti asks Reyansh for his jacket so she can have it pressed; despite his willingness to do so, Reyansh hands over the jacket to Kriti. In a sweet moment between Aradhana and Reyansh, he tells her that she must wear heels or he will lift her to his level. But this romantic thought quickly dissipates as Komal arrives with his jacket. As Aradhana catches sight of Kimaya, tears stream down her face.

Komal approaches Reyansh and mentions the couple’s name, leaving him puzzled. She reminds him that an engagement cannot take place without giving Nek. He agrees with a smile. Malini assures Reyansh of her unwavering support. Aradhana, overcome with emotions, walks away. She reminisces about their moments together. Meanwhile, Reyansh ponders the situation with Kimaya and himself, finding it foolish. Aradhana instructs Kriti to attend to the guests as she knows Kimaya’s sensitivity and inability to handle this pain. She asks Reyansh if he could take care of it for her.

Aradhana agrees and reassures, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” She plans to meet with Reyansh while he heads to see Kimaya. Vivek inquires if Aradhana is ready yet and reminds her to wear the hope pendant with the shagun clothes and jewelry he sent. She replies, “Rest assured, my actions are for Reyansh’s and this family’s benefit.” Vivek prays that Reyansh finds his true love and sends a message to Kadambari, urging her to join them. Meanwhile, Reyansh intends to resolve any misunderstandings and spots Kimaya. Aradhana quickly interrupts and pulls him away. Malini advises Kimaya not to be frightened.

Aradhana encourages Reyansh to let events unfold naturally. Reyansh inquires if he should marry Kimaya. Aradhana explains that she will have to hurt him and make him angry. She confirmed that she was aware of the situation. Reyansh accuses her of lying. Aradhana denies knowing and persuades him to get engaged to Kimaya, as it would ultimately benefit him. Reyansh questions why she is punishing him. During their argument, Aradhana reveals that Kimaya is vulnerable and eagerly waiting for him, and everyone believes he loves her. Reyansh questions if they are playing a game of charity or if it’s their real lives at stake. Aradhana clarifies that she doesn’t love him and asks who he thinks he is to expect her to break her own sister’s heart for his sake. She instructs Reyansh to leave, reiterating that he doesn’t seem to comprehend the word “no.”


Kimaya gets engaged to Reyansh. Kadambari gets sad. Reyansh says we’ll be separated today. Aradhana weeps.

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