Meet 7th October 2023 Written Episode: Bilawal’s Allegations Shake Sumeet and Shlok’s World


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The Bilawal’s team points a gun at Sumeet and Shlok. Bilawal informs Sumeet and Shlok that their lives and games are over. Naaz’s soft-heartedness was used against her by Shlok to exploit her emotions and turn her against her brother. Bilawal threatens them, calling them trapped rats and threatening to kill them. He asks his team to take them away.

While Raj prepares Sumeet’s room for her return, he reminisces about their shared childhood moments, talking to Sumeet’s picture. When Raj places the picture frame back, it falls, igniting his suspicions and causing his heart to race. As he speaks to Sumeet’s picture, Raj expresses his determination to never let her out of sight once she returns. In his words, Pankhudi assures him that breaking the glass brings good news.

Shlok’s house is abuzz with preparations to greet the arrival of Shlok and Sumeet. As the doorbell rings, they anticipate the couple arriving early. However, instead of their friends, a stranger arrives bearing distressing news about Sumeet and Shlok. The unexpected visitor informs them that Bilawal Khan has unjustly arrested the duo, crushing any chances of their prompt return. Upon hearing this heartbreaking update, Poonam faints while Raj, who has just arrived, falls to the ground in anguish, shouting Sumeet’s name in despair.

An angry crowd demands punishment for the supposed terrorists while Sumeet and Shlok are taken away in an open jeep. The constable forcefully removes Sumeet and Shlok from the jeep when it eventually halts. Sumeet assures Shlok that he promised to get him home safely, and nothing will stop him from keeping that promise if God is on their side. Sumeet insists he is innocent when called stubborn, while Bilawal says all their lies and deceptions will be revealed today.

As a religious figure reads out the alleged crimes committed by Shlok and Sumeet and decides their punishment, Bilawal hands him a charge sheet. A religious figure declares Shlok to be a spy living undercover in Bilawal’s house. As a result of this shocking revelation, the crowd starts throwing stones at Shlok and Sumeet, accusing them of manipulating Naaz’s emotions and even raping her.

Despite Bilawal’s insistence on harsher punishment, Sumeet and Shlok maintain their innocence. To prove their truth, they urge the crowd to contact Bilawal’s saved sister instead of resorting to violence. The religious figure suggests bringing in Naaz, whose testimony is crucial in determining their innocence. After Bilawal contacts Naaz, Sumeet hopes that she will speak the truth and clear their names. Eventually, a visibly frightened Naaz arrives and accuses Shlok of raping her. This revelation leaves Sumeet and Shlok shocked and disheartened as Naaz recalls how Bilawal threatened her with self-harm.

The enraged mob once again demands the execution of Shlok and Sumeet. Naaz apologizes to Sumeet, who reassures her that she does not need to explain herself and urges her to take care of Akki.

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