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Meet 23rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shlok’s family is concerned about managing Raunak’s presence for an entire week. Sumeet inquires about Raunak’s whereabouts, to which he appears with sindoor and attempts to forcibly apply it on Sumeet’s forehead. Shlok steps in and shoves him away, but refrains from physical violence due to Ashok’s reminder that Raunak has mental instability and should be handled delicately. To stop Raunak’s actions, Rajiv decides to turn off the lights. Ashok advises Shlok to take Sumeet away and leave them to handle Raunak. In private, Shlok expresses his anger towards Raunak’s behavior, cautioning Sumeet to steer clear of him.

As Sumeet lights a candle, her face beams with a smile upon seeing Shlok. Expressing her gratitude for his love, she embraces him in a hug. The two then share intimate and romantic moments, swaying to the tune of “Bas Tera” playing in the background. However, their peaceful moment is interrupted by a noise outside. Upon investigation, they are met by Ashok and Poonam who assure them that they will take care of Raunak. Ashok assures them to steer clear of Raunak as he and Poonam will handle the situation. Sumeet gazes at the sleeping Raunak and wonders why Shagun would leave him in such a state. Suddenly, Raunak appears at the window claiming that Sumeet belongs to him and he intends to make her his bride.

The doctor explains to Sumeet and Shlok that Raunak’s condition is dangerous – he might become a threat to others and could even cause harm. Rajiv is attacked by Raunak and he demands Sumeet. Anju calls Sumeet and asks them to return home immediately. He demands that Sumeet feed him personally, threatening Rajiv otherwise.

As Pankhuri breaks her heels, she thinks about leaving poverty. She sends another romantic text to Raj, but he mistakenly thinks it’s from Priyanka, so he confronts her.

If Rajiv lets Sumeet go, he will feed Raunak. She sweetly convinces him to open the door and enters with the fruit while Rajiv leaves the room. Masoom suggests Rajiv check the CCTV footage to find out who tore the lehenga. If they review the footage, Abhay is worried he will be caught. Sumeet asks Raunak to close his eyes so she can feed him, but instead of using her hands, she uses a fan stick.

Rajiv believes Abhay’s claim that Shagun caused the torn lehenga, and Shlok grows increasingly irritated with Raunak’s presence, attempting to divert attention from the CCTV footage. Sumeet tries to improve the situation, but Raunak suddenly drags her into a room he has decorated and asks her to spend their suhagrat together. Sumeet is shocked by the request.


She tries to get physical with Sumeet after saying that he will become her bride. Shlok intervenes and saves Sumeet from Raunak’s behavior. Shagun did what she wanted to do and I see anger in Raunak’s eyes and I can see that he can hurt anyone. As he threatens to kill everyone in his room and holds the baby, everyone is afraid of him.


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