I promise to forget Meet, I’m sorry. Manmeet looks at everyone and says why are you sad, let’s proceed with the ceremony otherwise she will say so. Manmeet says I’ll do anything for her. Ragini is now calling your wife by her name and asking Meet to call her with love. Ram says it is just haldi and you should obey until you marry.

Meet says a poem for Manmeet. Ishani asks Meet to say something for him. Meet says a poem for Manmeet. Everyone applauds. Ragini says let’s celebrate and play some songs. Manmeet asks to Meet what happens to you. Meet says I’m thinking about Sarkar and what he plans. Manmeet says to forget him and be happy that we are getting married.

Shagun walks in disguised as a dancer and begins dancing with Manmeet. After seeing her, Manmeet wonders what she’s doing here. Dancers walk in and begin celebrating. Everyone is enjoying themselves. Shagun walks in disguised as a dancer and dances with Manmeet.

As Shagun starts walking away, she falls down. Everyone stops. Meet walks toward her and asks how she is. She helps her get up. She hides her face from the veil and says, “I’m fine.” Manmeet asks everyone to start celebrating so she can leave.

Babita walks to Manmeet and says come enjoy. He says I have an important call, let’s talk and then come back. She walks away and calls Manmeet and says you know how stubborn I am, if you don’t come, I’ll apply haldi in front of everyone. Manmeet walks to Shagun and says what are you doing. Shagun says your anger is beautiful. Manmeet says leave. Shagun says let me apply haldi to your face first. Manmeet becomes angry and asks her to leave.

When Shagun gets close to him, she says I will apply haldi on you first, not meet. She says why are you scared, let me do what I want and then I will leave. The boy walks up to Meet to take a selfie and accidentally drops a live wire in the bowl of water beside her. When Manmeet sees the wire, he rushes toward Meet.

Meet is about to place her hand in the bowl for ritual. Manmeet pushes her out of the way to prevent her from getting shocked. They both roll on the floor with each other. Raj asks to stop the connection. Manmeet asks her how she is doing. Ishani and Ragini ask if you saw how they applied haldi to each other. Shagun, seeing from upstairs, gets jealous. Manmeet sees her walking downstairs, Meet also sees her.

Ram stops Manmeet from walking away. Shagun is hiding in the kitchen trying to walk out. Meet asks if you are a dancer so what are you doing here? Shagun says that she was feeling bored after the dance so she thought of helping. Meet stops her from going and about to reveal her face. Shagun pushes her and runs away. Meet chases her to the hall, where she reveals her face in front of everyone. Meet asks Shagun why she’s here disguised as a dancer.

Shagun looks at Manmeet. Meet asks her again to tell me what she is doing here. Manmeet says to Meet that Sarkar must have sent her here to spy on us. Let her go. I’ll take care of Sarkar. Meet stops her from leaving and says she is not here to spy on us but for some other reason. Manmeet says he must have sent her here to prevent us from getting married.

Sarkar was trying to get us married in front of the panchayat, but there was something else going on. The police inspector walks in and asks why everyone is so quiet, did I come at the wrong time? Bhati looks at Shagun and says she’s Shagun, right? Meet says yes she came disguised as a dancer, she’s telling us anything, why don’t you take her and question her?

Shegun says, “I apologize now.” My haldi ceremony is also awaited, and everyone must be looking for me. Tell us and you can go or Bhati will ask you questions. Bhati says, “Bhati, she’s from Sarkar’s family, and they’re our enemies.” Please take her and investigate why she’s here.

I don’t want to go, Shagun says. Inspector asks his members to arrest her. Meet walks towards Bhati and says something in his ears. Bhati asks her constable to take her. Manmeet wonders if she knows about my relationship with Sarkar since that information will ruin my plans.


As Mahendra went to the police station for Shagun’s bail hearing, Bhati said that Mahendra dropped ink on his clothes and started wiping it off.

Mahendra took Shagun with her, and I installed a camera in his locket as you asked me to do. Meet thanks him and says this is our only hope to discover what’s happening inside Sarkar’s palace.

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