Meet 5th January 2023 Written Update

They hug each other and Meet says I told you not to do anything. He says you sometimes behave like a typical housewife, but you were in danger, so I had to come to save you. Tell him everything they did to her and show him her broken mangal sutra. Ask Ahlawat to sit and explain to him about their strong relationship, I will always be there for you.

When Raj watches the news about Meet and Ragini, he prays to God for their lives. Babita asks him about the news. Raj switches off the TV. Babita gives him the remote control. Babita leaves. Raj says I have to hide the remote. Ram steps in and says we need to do something rather than hide things.

Meet Ahlawat has gone to save them and will be back with Raging and Meet shortly. Ram asks how did you let him go, don’t you know about the danger? Raj says that he wants to save our family members. I am proud of his actions because if he did, everyone would be safe. The chief asks his members to check and tells them to shoot if he tries to act smart.

Ahlawat makes her wear mangalsutra and tells her the plan to rescue everyone. I brought smoke bombs with me for emergencies, but he can’t find them in his bag. He says no, I came from a manhole, it’s difficult to evacuate everyone from there. He shows her the map and says we can break the wall of room number 4 to evacuate everyone.

Meet Ahlawat says I’ll send someone to help you. Meet says how we will cover the voice of walk breaking. The number one outside the room knocks and says to come out fast or I will come in. Meet Ahlawat says I am coming, he asks Meet to take care of her and leaves the room.

After more than two hours, my brother is still unconscious. The doctor says he did his best. Chief says he better recover or everyone will die. I’m not God, just pray for him. Meet Ahlawat taps him on the shoulder and says we can pray for him, who knows it might work. If you want, I can speak to everyone.

When we break the wall, they won’t be able to hear anything when we break the wall. Number 1 says to Chief, I don’t believe him, what if he tries to act smart like that girl? Number 3 says no and makes fun of him.

He tells Meet Ahlawat to pray for the commander and signal Meet about the plan. Meet gets out of the room and walks towards room number 4 so that she can break the wall. Chanda Meet is alive and is working on a plan to save everyone by breaking the wall, according to Meet Ahlawat. Locate the wall inside the room and break it. Meet Ahlawat and ask everyone to pray loudly.

Outside everyone is praying. Meet Ahlawat and ask him to get loud and ask two men to help. Meet in room 4. Ahlawat thinks I should check if they have anything to break the wall; he sees terrorists interacting with each other and walks out of the room to find out. Meet and asks what you are doing here. He says it’s to give you tools to break the wall. Meet says don’t worry about it I’ll handle it. Now you go look for terrorists.

One of the terrorists comes from room number 4 and points a gun at them, he says you made a brilliant plan, but you failed, he asks Meet and Meet Ahlawat to put their hands up.

In a corridor, they both walk. Meeting thinks we cannot take this opportunity to escape. He asks them to tie each other’s hands and ask them to walk to the chief. Ahlawat thinks it’s difficult, but I’ll think of something, he starts acting and says I want to use the restroom. The terrorist loses his guard and hits him on the head, causing him to fall to the floor.

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