Meet 4th February 2023 Written Update


As Manmeet works out in his room, he recalls the time police took Sarkar along with them and Jasodha took an oath promising everyone he would get revenge on Meet. As Manmeet receives a video call from Gunwanti, he picks up the call in shock. Shagun greets him and says, I was missing you that’s why I called you today.

She is scolded by Manmeet who tells her that she is insane and why are you trying to get into trouble by calling me from Gunwanti’s number. Shagun asks Gunwanti if she had informed Manmeet that she had left her phone at Meet’s house. Shagun says no. You’re getting married soon, so I believe God listened to your prayers, and no one got your phone, so don’t worry about it and she leaves. I am worried that Meet won’t get my phone, says Shagun.

A Pandit chants a prayer. Meet and sits alone for prayer. Pandit ji asks her to pray with flowers for good and happy lives. Meet remembers her encounter with Shagun and Inspector Bhati tells her something important before he leaves the police station.

She opens her eyes and says something is wrong, I should call Bhati so that I can review the footage. Meet calls him but his number is switched off. Babita walks to her and asks about pooja and scolds her. Meet tells Babita I have to call Bhati right now as he told me to this morning. Babita scolds her saying Manmeet is waiting for you to get married, but you are making him wait because of your stubbornness.

Pandit calls bride. Manmeet looks at the stairs. Raj says Meet is here. Meet comes downstairs with Ragini and Ishani. Everyone is happy to see her. Manmeet thinks I’m bringing Meet to you. Standing with Meet’s photo, Jasodha asks Panditji to start havan. My son is bringing his bride one day. This is the biggest day of my life.

In the mandap, Manmeet helps Meet enter. Panditji asks for garlands to be exchanged. Manmeet gives a garland to Meet. Meet recalls her wedding to Meet Ahlawat. Meet believes I’m still sceptical about this relationship, but I trust you, Mom and Dad, that’s why I’m getting married to him. Everyone throws flowers at Manmeet. Manmeet and Meet sit down for further rituals.

The pandit ji asks Raj to perform Kanya Daan’s ritual. Raj praises Meet for her love, saying she will always keep you happy. Manmeet thinks he will be happy for the rest of his life. As Raj says, I’m giving you my most important thing, but please make sure she never cries again. Manmeet nods his head at Meet.

He thinks I should tell Meet before the phera that he is the son of Sarkar. He sees goons behind him drinking alcohol. Babita ties the knots and says this is slipping again and again I am unable to tie. Manmeet gives another piece of cloth to tie them together. Babita gives blessings to the couple.

Bhati threw sand in their eyes and fled. Meet says we will stick together no matter what and start taking pehra together. At Sarkar’s palace, everyone is doing pooja. Jasodha tears Meet’s photo and throws it in the havan.


Meet promises Manmeet I will be treated with the same respect and love as your family. This family will only treat you with hate and punishment, according to Jasodha.

Meet slaps Manmeet, telling him that this slap is for everyone and that he is a son of Sarkar and Jasodha.

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