Manmeet sacrificed his hand and dream to play in the Olympics for Meet. Babita says she doesn’t know why she doesn’t understand his love. Raj replies that she must be uncomfortable. I don’t know how he will cope with his condition and who will handle him. Babita said yesterday he would be discharged from the hospital and he had to accept the change in his life.

Tell me God what should I do so that I can help both Babita and Manmeet when their dreams do not come true? She gives him medicine and an apple to eat. Meet says he shouldn’t eat and asks a riddle to reduce tension between them. She asks a boy to bring Lassi to them.

Bringing two glasses for them, Manmeet does not respond. Boy says, “Have it with extra toppings,” he walks away. Meeting in tension walks out of the room. He says I can’t live alone in this condition. Meet says don’t take any bad decisions, throw it away. Babita also asks him to do so.

Do not worry, Manmeet says, no one will bother you. I will write Sarkar as the reason for my death, so no one will bother you and you will be able to fulfil your dream; I cannot fulfil my dream, but you will. She disconnects the call and Babita and Meet say, don’t do anything, we’re going there.

He starts laughing. Sarkar turns to him and says you are very good at acting too, now she is coming. Manmeet says we will be able to avenge ourselves now. Meeting running towards Manmeet. Manmeet poured kerosene into his room, lighting the match, and starting the countdown until 1. Meet rushing towards his room. Manmeet lighting is room on fire.

Meeting walks in and asks him to come out of the fire. She pits off the fire with a quilt, slaps Manmeet and drags him out of the room. Outside, Sarkar is scolded for his actions, but don’t worry, I talked to a doctor in Delhi, and everything will be fine. Sarkar mocks Manmeet’s condition and challenges him to pick weight (Gada) so that he will be able to participate in the Olympics.

Manmeet picks it up from one hand and proves his strength to Meet. Feeling proud of him, Meet says he will return to the ground and apply tilak on his forehead, I’ll do anything to help. Sarkar laughs at her, saying you rejected his proposal of marriage and now you are promising to be with him for 2 days, then he will be alone, who will take care of him then?

Babita rushes to the meeting. Sarkar says you came here at the right time, now tell me who will take care of him, there was a girl who was ready to take care of him, but she left him alone. He needs someone to take care of him. It’s not necessary to marry someone to take care of him, we only need a feeling to do so.

Babita took Meet away, asking what he wanted from her. He loves her a lot and wants to be with her. She was accused of being responsible for Meet Ahlawat’s death because of her stubbornness. Babita declared that she would not lose her child again due to her and demanded that Babita should feel ashamed for a stranger having sacrificed his dreams just because of her self-centeredness. Even if force was required, Babita must be with Manmeet, return his happiness and marry him or else she will be cursed if anything happened to Manmeet because of her.

As Meet and Babita walk to Manmeet, he says, “You asked who will take care of him and be his wife, right? So I’m ready to be with him and hold him, and I’ll give all my strength to fulfil our dreams.”.

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