Meet 27th October 2023 Written Episode: Sakshi’s Deception Unfolds


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Sumeet and Shlok caught sight of Shagun, who was accompanied by Sakshi, at the office. This immediately put Shagun on high alert as she noticed them. Sakshi, too, put on a façade when she laid eyes on Sumeet and Shlok. She wasted no time calling security to escort Shagun from the premises. The trio engaged in a fake argument over whether or not Shlok should take up a job with the company. In response, Shagun confidently challenged Shlok, claiming she would see if he could become a star. Despite this tension, Sakshi ultimately apologized to Sumeet and Shlok and assured them that she would help make Shlok’s dreams of stardom come true. While Sumeet argued that such efforts were unnecessary given Shlok’s natural talent, the latter expressed gratitude towards Sakshi for providing him with a platform to showcase his skills.

He requested the contract papers to read and began reading them. Sakshi gave Sumeet a photocopy of the contract, knowing she had omitted the “no objection” clause. After reviewing the photocopy, Sumeet requested the original copy as well. To distract Sumeet, Sakshi spilled coffee and took the clause papers so Sumeet would not read them. As soon as Shlok signed the contract, Sakshi believed they would now be responsible for Shlok and Sumeet’s lives.

During her cry, Pankhuri urged Raj to hold her tightly and said Sarthak threatened to take Mayra from her. Someone recorded them, and Raj reassured her that he had contacts with the police and would handle the situation independently. While Raj was on the phone, Pankhuri added sleeping pills to his tea, believing that he would have no choice but to marry her.

Shlok informed Sakshi that he had to depart due to pending tasks at home. Sakshi, in response, mentioned that she had organized a press conference for him, emphasizing that a celebrity like Shlok shouldn’t be seen doing household duties. Nevertheless, Sumeet affirmed that he would prioritize his family obligations above all else.

Shlok attended the press conference accompanied by Sakshi, while Sumeet returned home. During the event, the media inquired about Shlok and requested Sakshi to share more details about him. Meanwhile, a couple approached Shlok and Sumeet’s home to discuss a contract for their daughter’s wedding. They expressed interest in having Shlok and Sumeet perform at the event. After joining the company, the media also asked if Shlok would continue performing at events such as birthdays and weddings. Anju was ready to accept the advance payment, but Poonam suggested seeking Shlok’s opinion first. Sumeet reassured the couple that they would perform at the wedding and make it memorable. He also warned that Anju could face legal consequences if they could not fulfill their performance promise.

Under media pressure, Shlok declared that he and Sumeet would never partake in any event. Raj awoke without a shirt and discovered Pankhuri in tears. She accused him of mistreating her. In an attempt to reconcile, Pankhuri professed her willingness to let go of the incident as a painful memory and not come between him and Priyanka. Raj was overcome with guilt and wept, blaming himself for his actions. Upon Shlok’s return home, Sumeet greeted him with music. She shared news of their wedding company securing a critical event where they would need to perform, leaving Shlok concerned.


Shlok says Sumeet, our success today was because we worked together, so how could we cease working together? Sakshi assures Shagun that this function will turn them against each other. Shlok says this is not our world, and we must get out of it as soon as possible. Sakshi says our plan will ruin their wedding business and their relationship.

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