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Reluctant to reveal the truth about Wonderboy to Sumeet, he opts to share sweet, romantic words with her instead. Sumeet, upon hearing footsteps drawing near her room, hurriedly conceals Shlok. Raj looks around and is surprised to see Sumeet dressed in a beautiful lehenga. Raj compliments her and warns her about cockroaches since she is allergic to them. He warns her that she must wait until pest control is done before entering the room. Shlok worries that he cannot tell Sumeet the truth.

Feeling nervous, Shlok attempts to reach out to Sumeet before the concert begins. However, Raj accidentally picks up the call on speakerphone and informs them that they will be attending the concert. Shlok receives a good luck wish from Raj before ending the call. He then decides to write down his true feelings in a letter and asks Sarthak to deliver it to Sumeet. Unfortunately, someone interrupts him while he is about to hand over the letter. As the concert starts, Wonderboy is announced as the special guest by the host. Sumeet’s excitement is evident as she cheers for him. From backstage, Shlok sees her and realizes it may be too late to reveal his secret. Sarthak tries to console him in this situation.

Sumeet eagerly awaits the arrival of Wonderboy. As the lights dim and he takes the stage, Sumeet excitedly points out to Raj that Shlok will surely be pleased to see them. However, she notices that Shlok is not wearing the jacket she gave him and assumes he must be dressed by his designer. But when Wonderboy turns around, Sumeet is taken aback to discover it’s not actually Shlok. In a flashback, it is revealed that Raunak coerced Shlok into staying silent about his involvement because Raunak had signed a contract to use Shlok’s voice for Wonderboy in exchange for a large sum of money. Despite this admission, Raunak is the one performing on stage while using Shlok’s vocals.

Shlok is overcome with emotion as he reflects on Sumeet. Meanwhile, Sumeet’s heart is broken at the thought of Shlok deceiving her and not living up to his “Wonderboy” image. Seeing Sumeet storm out, Shlok attempts to approach her but she refuses and departs in tears. As he reminisces about their shared moments, Shlok continues to feel emotional. Raj becomes livid with Shlok for his actions towards Sumeet. However, Sumeet intervenes and reminds Raj that Shlok is also Vani’s brother-in-law. Despite this, Shlok continues to endure physical assaults while Sumeet proclaims she will keep the signed jacket as a reminder not to blindly trust anyone. She declares her hatred for him before walking away with Raj.

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