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While alone on the street, Meet looks at Raj’s and Babita’s photos and says to herself, “I’ll ask for forgiveness from Manmeet and help him to free from what you promised, but I can’t stand between him and Babita.” Putting her hand over the diya, Shagun recalls Manmeet and Meet spending time together.

Meet calls Manmeet and says, “I know you feel upset, but I would appreciate it if you could meet me and have lassi with me or chocolate or ice cream with me.” He asks him to come home. Meet replies, “I’d like to meet you alone. Please tell me if you’ll come”. Manmeet agrees, saying, “Alright, I’ll see you there,” before ending the conversation.

Then Gunwanti asked Shagun what he was doing, and why he was burning his hand. Shagun replied that everyone will know everything at the right time as he took an oath to separate Meet and Manmeet.

At the temple, performing a prayer for Raj and Babita, memories of their time together flood Meet’s mind. I’m upset with you, Sys, you’ve moved far away from me and put Manmeet in a bad position, so I disrespected him in front of the whole village, but he did not reply, so I’ll apologize to him and pray. A sudden wind blows

Manmeet strolls towards his bike when Shagun approaches him. Manmeet acknowledges her by saying, “You did it.” In response, Shagun embraces him tightly and urges him to bring Meet back. Manmeet suggests, “Come, let’s go together to bring her.” However, Shagun insists, “You should go alone; I’ll wait here.”

Sapna tells Shagun that it is strange that you are asking Manmeet to bring Meet back. This means you believe Meet is the right partner for Manmeet.

A storm forced everyone to leave the temple. Meet too walked out and thought what had happened to the climate suddenly. As Manmeet rides his bike in the rain, he thinks this is where Meet called, but where is she? A girl approaches Manmeet and asks her to open her umbrella. Manmeet helps her, and she leaves.

Meet walks to Manmeet and hugs him tightly. Manmeet shouts Meet’s name. Meet looks for Manmeet in the rain. Manmeet says that soon the rain will turn to thunderstorms.

Manmeet, being a wrestler, expresses his concern, saying, “I may be a wrestler, but what will happen if you fall ill?” I know you want to apologize, but someone else would have reacted the same way as you did earlier. It’s not your fault now, come let’s go home.”.

Manmeet says come home because I won’t leave you alone. Meet stabs Manmeet with a knife on his shoulder and pushes him. Manmeet falls to the ground. In the rain, Meet is waiting for Manmeet, and someone is watching her. She adds chloroform to a hanky and walks to Meet. Meet becomes unconscious.

After removing Meet’s mask, Shagun recalls Gunwanti asking why she burned her hand. Shagun says this wound will help me get Manmeet back. In front of Manmeet, Shagun says, “If possible, please forgive me, I love you so much that I hurt myself before hurting you,”

The events of today will make you hate Meet more, so I can’t see you with her. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. I stabbed you in such a manner that you won’t be injured too much, I’ll take care of you and you’ll be fine like before, and soon we’ll be together forever. As Shagun runs away, she calls the police from a phone booth and informs them about an injured person near Shiv temple, and she disconnects the call.

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