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Meet 6th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Manmeet says to Sarkar that he remembers all his promises. Bapu Sarkar inquires, “What happened to the promises you made to Shagun during your marriage?”

As Meet thinks about Jashoda’s words and how Manmeet made her stay, she sees Anuja and asks her to help her out. Anuja says this is Manmeet’s job, but Meet insists she helps her. Anuja says, “Don’t fool around, help me.” Meet says, “You and Jashoda can say whatever you want, but I don’t want to be in the middle of Manmeet and Shagun.” She says, “Don’t believe us now, but Manmeet will come back to you soon and tell you he loves you.”

Shagun is the real daughter-in-law of this house, you are married to Shagun, and only the elders know about this, so tell me who you will stand with Shagun or Meet. I don’t understand why Mummy Ji and Papa Ji don’t answer my phone calls or messages. What’s even stranger is that they stay in contact with Manmeet. Meet tells Anuja, “I have no idea why they’re not responding to my calls and messages.”

Meet notices the name of Mohan Lal Jewelers and remarks, “Ahlawats don’t shop there.” Anuja responds, “This jeweller is located in Sarkarpur,” and departs. With the help of the order number, Meet calls the jeweller and asks who bought the jewels. The jeweller tells her that Manmeet bought them. Meet starts calling Raj again.

In front of Shagun, Manmeet gives her bangles, holds her hand, and praises her hands. Afterwards, Shagun says, “Are you listening to me?”. Manmeet replies, “Your heart will always belong to you no matter where you are.” Manmeet says to leave for now, let me deal with this situation, and Manmeet leaves. Shagun says to Manmeet that he never thought you would ask me to leave.

Shagun says I won’t return now. Manmeet’s gifts make Meet restless, so he wonders why he bought them. Jashoda says to Sarkar, you came early. Sarkar says you always seem happy to see me, but not now.

Seeing Manmeet, Meet asks Sapna where he is. Everyone in the house gets a video message from Shagun, that Manmeet has asked me to leave and my Jashoda is right, I shouldn’t stay here when I have no relations here, so I’m leaving and do tell Manmeet about how much his Shagun loved him.

In tears, Manmeet thinks about his wedding to Shagun. Sarkar asks Jashoda why she did this, since Manmeet is the real daughter-in-law here, as you very well know, and Shagun also married Manmeet. Sarkar stops Manmeet. Manmeet was unaware of Shagun’s suicide.

Sarkar shows Shagun a newspaper that says Raj and Babita have died. Shagun is about to jump when she thinks about Manmeet asking her to leave. Meet sees them talking, and Sarkar tells her this is why Manmeet asked you to leave, it is his responsibility to care for Meet, and you have to make sure this responsibility doesn’t turn into love.

He doesn’t even tell Shagun that Raj and Babita are dead, Sarkar says to Shagun. Meet hears this and says to Shagun, “Manmeet is playing a big game, trying to get Ahlawat property and factory papers, and when Meet finds out this, she won’t want to live anymore.” Sarkar sees Meet and purposefully says all this. Shagun tells Sarkar that Manmeet didn’t tell Meet about the death so that she wouldn’t return. Meet reads the newspaper.

The promise Manmeet made to Raj comes to mind. I said God, my Nani always taught me never to break a promise you gave to someone who is dead. I find myself caught in this overwhelming situation, and yet I cannot abandon Meet. How can I not be by her side during these circumstances? I am determined to fulfil my promise to Raj.

Seeing the newspaper, Meet begins to cry. Shagun says, “I never thought Manmeet was doing this for revenge.” Sarkar says, “Don’t worry.” Sarkar sees Meet smile and leaves.

Gunvanti passes Meet and goes to Shagun and asks what happened to her. She asks what happened to Meet and why she looked so upset.

Meet recalls her time with Raj and Babita.


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