Meet 5th February 2023 Written Update

The pandit asked the bride and groom to start taking phera. The bride said she would always be with the groom in her life, and the groom agreed. Jasodha tears Meet’s photo and throws it into the havan. As your wife, Meet says I will always respect your family.

After Jasodha said, “I’ll burn your self-respect and reputation”, she tore another part of her photo and threw it in the havan. Bhati runs from goons and thinks he has to tell the truth about Manmeet to meet. Goons chase him. It is my promise to be with you until the end of my days, and I ask the same from you.

According to Jasodha, you will throw her photo in havan as a one-day bride. Pandit asks Groom to come forward and promise he will respect me as he respects his family. As Jasodha says, you will only receive disrespect and punishment from this family. Sarkar is enjoying himself. Manmeet receives a message from Badri saying the Inspector has run away. Manmeet thinks I need to act immediately.

According to Jasodha, this house will be hell for you. Meet says promise me you won’t disrespect me. Manmeet says sure, come now. The security guard says you cannot go inside Ahlawat mansion. Inspector Bhati says he will try to enter through the back door.

Meet and Manmeet’s chunri starts burning. Meet attempts to remove the dupatta. Manmeet says don’t remove, I don’t want any bad luck. Promise me you won’t share your love with anyone and no woman will come into your life. Meet says sure. She thinks what childish behaviour this is, all the dupattas are going to burn. They complete the phera and throw away the dupattas.

After tearing her whole photo, Jasodha threw it in havan and completed her ritual. Bhati comes inside Ahlawat mansion but Badri grabs him from behind and takes him away. Meet throws water on the dupatta and on Manmeet to control the fire. Panditji tells Manmeet to apply sindoor to her and make her wear mangal sutra. Manmeet takes sindoor in his fingers and applies it to Meet.

Pandit says now you’re married. Everyone claps. Manmeet thinks your marriage is pointless. Babita asks Manmeet if he’s okay. He says yes and Badri says everything’s fine. Meeting asks why you were in such a rush, knowing something could have gone wrong. Manmeet says everything is fine. Babita says she believes your life will be happy now.

My son is coming with his one-day bride, so there should be no shortage of welcoming the new daughter-in-law. According to ritual, my mother-in-law must make thali, but I will give her a handkerchief to wipe tears. Sarkar laughs. Meet asks Manmeet to change his kurta and check for any wounds. Raj says yes, go and change your clothes and asks Meet to help him. Manmeet says I’ll do it and tell him how to do it.

Meet walks up to Ram and asks if this is Shagun’s phone I asked you to fix. Ram gives him the phone and says yes. Raj asks Ram to help with his bidai ceremony.

In the phone gallery, she finds Sarkar addressing him as his youngest son to everyone, after she unlocks the phone and sees Manmeet playing with Shagun. She is shocked after seeing everything. She recalls her time with Manmeet. She hears Manmeet’s voice saying I’ll take revenge on her constantly.

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