Anupama – Written update Episode dated 26th Jan 2023

Anupama written update

The doorbell rang at Shah house and Kavya, overwhelmed with excitement, went to open the door. Leela asked what had happened and Toshu replied that Kavya had told them there was a surprise in store for them. She returned with none other than Mohit and Maaya. Vanraj and Leela were taken aback upon seeing the renowned event manager. Kavya introduced the family to her and Maaya stated she didn’t realise Kavya had such grown up children. Leela reminded her they were Anupama’s kids whom she’d met the previous day, along with Little Anu. Anuj then purchased medicines for the toddler and Anupama asked her to have it in order to get better soon before Maaya came over again. Little Anu playfully responded saying she’d get well right away if Maaya arrived soon enough. This immediately made Anupama look forward to meeting Maaya as well.

Mohit inquired about Samar’s dance academy, to which Kavya replied positively, saying she works with Mohit and Maaya, who have been invited to her home to meet her family; they have high regard for her despite being a new recruit. Maaya declared that respect is due to her as she is an excellent model. Backing her statement up, Mohit added that he will be taking charge of all of her projects, prompting Toshu to entertain the idea of joining them in their event management business which Vanraj tried but failed to discourage him from doing so. Maaya applauded Kavya’s determination, as well as asserting her own tenacity in achieving what she desired; Hasmukh asked what they wanted at that moment and Mohit jokingly said Masala Chai for Maaya. Reminiscing fondly on how people like her remain connected to their roots despite having wealth, Maaya was praised by Hasmukh for speaking simply yet profoundly. Leela then tentatively asked about Maaya’s family; unsure if it was appropriate or not.

Little Anu questioned Anuj and Anupama when Maaya would arrive. On noticing their nervousness, Barkha and Ankush suspected that something was amiss. When Leela inquired about her personal life, Maaya mentioned that she does not share such details in the first interaction. Kavya reasoned that Maaya had nothing to hide. Kinjal brought tea for her but as soon as she was done, Maaya said that she must attend to something urgently. Leela guessed it might be related to Anupama’s house and asked who had informed her. Maaya asserted people do not talk without a purpose leading Leela to believe there will be trouble at the former’s house, too big for even Anupama to handle. Finally, she bid goodbye and left.

Anuj fumes that he wanted to give his name to Little Anu legally. Anupama inquires of Anuj if he has asked anyone to look into Maaya’s background. He reports not finding anything beyond her profession, which is suspicious if nothing can be found in the digital realm. Anupama encourages them to face the issues together. Little Anu is thrilled when she hears a car horn but it turned out just to be their neighbour. Samar, Kinjal and Toshu are admiring Maaya and Kavya wants to become like her; however, Leela insists she remains as she is. Maaya hopes everyone will approve of her while Vanraj explains he can only do so at work, not at home. This leads Kavya to jest that Toshu should start his own detective agency with Anuj in order to spy on wives.

Vanraj insists he does not need to consult anyone and that what he is doing is right. Kavya retorts that if it was right, he wouldn’t have had to bring Mohit into their home. He points out how he has brought her too. Kavya ignores his remarks and mentions that Maaya wants her to travel to London, while Leela and Vanraj once stopped Anupama from going to America. She sternly warns them not to think of putting a stop on her journey or else she will demonstrate the consequences. Leela then comments that it’s easy managing Kavya but difficult with Maaya; she worries about what sort of trouble the latter may cause for Anupama and Anuj.

Little Anu was so insistent that she would eat only if Maaya fed her. Anupama scolded her to keep quiet and went to get soup. Ankush commented that children can be very fussy when they are unwell. In a fit of frustration, Little Anu ran out of the house, saying that everyone was scolding her and declared that she would go to Maaya. Everyone scrambled to search for her outside but just then they saw a car speeding towards her. Anupama grabbed Little Anu in time, with Maaya appearing just then. Delighted at seeing Maaya, Little Anu asked why she had been late. Maaya replied that she had some work to attend to, but now she would take care of her; inquiring about whether or not the child had a fever. Little Anu replied that it was just a mild one.

Precap: Maaya tells Little Anu that she will take her home. Little Anu says she is already at home. Maaya says she is Little Anu’s true mother.

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