Pandya Store 4th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Everyone hugs their kids. Krish hugs Dhara and cries. Prerna smiles happily. Krish hugs her too. Suman says all my kids are fine. Yaadon ki baraat plays…They all hug him. Chiku smiles seeing them. He says his mother always said that when people meet, they get friendly, see how they all shook hands. Dhara glances at everyone. Rishita and Raavi leave.

Shesh says I have to dance with Mittu and Chiku. Shiva asks what happened, and why did everyone suddenly leave hands. Rishita says don’t go anywhere without telling me. He says Chiku, tell your mum that I’m going to the store. Shiva says I’ll also come, why will you go alone? Gautam says the drama has started again, a moment of love and lifelong hatred.

You won’t go anywhere, Raavi says. Shiva asks why you won’t let me go, I want to go to work. Raavi says you can’t go anywhere without medicines, every three hours. I will go with Gautam after I get the medicine and sugar. He goes. Gautam remembers his family’s tension and drinks. Customers enter the store. Gautam calls out Dev, Krish and Shiva.

Prerna apologizes aunty ji, I failed, nobody had food, I’ll try my best tomorrow. Suman says no, you didn’t fail, you passed with distinction, you tried for the family that isn’t yours, Krish stands silent. Dhara says we should get Krish and Prerna engaged, we will find a good mahurat. Krish signs no. Prerna says he isn’t making the family, you are. Krish thinks about what’s going on between them. Prerna says I’ve always wanted a joint family, bless me.

Prerna says done, let’s keep Roka, it’s Shagun ritual. Dhara says fine, I’ll talk to the pandit. Krish asks what’s the hurry, we came here to see mum, not to do an engagement. In a few days, Suman asks Krish if he will go back with Prerna. Krish says yes. Prerna signs Suman and smiles. Suman asks why she is signing me. Dhara says she is showing thumbs up, she wanted to get engaged.

Suman says but Krish will go in a few days. Dhara and Suman cry. Gautam wears the gloves of his brothers’ names and takes orders for customers. Dev comes to the store and looks on. Gautam says this is milk powder.

Dev sees Gautam talk to them and asks him to get protein powder. Dev sees Gautam acting to talk to them. He wears Krish’s name glove. The man tells Gautam he needs to take care of himself and keep someone for help. Gautam asks why, my three brothers are with me. Dev is saddened.

Suman asks what Dhara said. Dhara says tomorrow is an auspicious day, we will keep the engagement tomorrow. Krish asks Prerna to stay out of this. It’s easy for you, you will cry for your high-class lifestyle, I have moved on, and you should also not get involved in this. Prerna says Suman is your mother, what’s wrong with getting married?

She says no, we won’t tell your mom and dad, we’ll get engaged in Canada again. He says we didn’t come here for this. Gautam laughs at the customer. Additionally, Gautam laughs and asks what happened, is there any comedy show happening? The man says you stay drunk, you don’t know who your real brother is. Gautam asks do you want anything else.

The man says Gautam and I have such banter, I was joking, take the money. Dev asks what’s the hurry, are you educated or not, did you steal your degree, these days, everyone is fake.

It’s best not to joke again, Dev says because Gautam’s brothers are back, so you can’t take advantage of his drunkenness anymore. He asks where the worry was for seven years, when Gautam used to sleep on the roads, and you should ask yourself if you did his brother’s duty. I heard Krish had come, but he didn’t tell me, I will meet him in the evening.

Gautam tells Dev not to worry. He says you’ve come here for me, that’s enough for me. He hugs Dev. Dev tears up. Dhara says we’ll start Krish, we have to do something.


It looks like Krish and Prerna are getting engaged. Dhara goes to tell Rishita the good news. Rishita says we’ll go for Shesh’s admission today. Dhara asks Raavi to stay back. Raavi refuses.

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