Pandya Store 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha’s Struggles and Amrish’s Plan

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Amrish and Amba engaging in a heated argument. Amrish blames Amba for appearing weak, resulting in Dhawal and Isha opposing his authority. He also states Dhawal is now against him due to Natasha’s influence. In frustration, he declares that he will leave the house if his rules continue to be challenged. Amba reassures Amrish that he is the cornerstone of their family, but he insists that his siblings have problems with his ways. As he storms off, Amba sheds tears over the situation. She regrets Natasha’s impact on their family and feels compelled to take action.

Amba stops Natasha. She says sorry, you have to bear sorrow, pain and my mistakes also, it’s not my fault, I cannot control myself when I see wrong happening around, I told you I would show your true face to Dhawal, I’m sorry, I am. In her room, Amba throws things and cries. The drama should be performed in front of Dhawal, Amrish says, I won’t come in your words, you know your problem, you like to break elders’ rules, congratulations, you won, Dhawal stood against me today and separated him from me. Suman feels uneasy when Chiku visits. He remembers Natasha’s words.

Amrish says don’t play games with me, celebrate your victory, I’ll turn it into tears if you do. He leaves. Natasha worries and thinks I won’t win until you regard me as family. Isha disconnects Chiku’s call. He calls her again. She answers and asks why are you calling, and he apologizes, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

He says I’ll bring you home. She asks what you would do. She says it’s different to keep a girl at home forever. He says forget it, what’s your plan? She says nothing and ends the call. He says fine. She asks if you don’t want to talk to me. He asks what you want. Mittu arrives and asks Chiku to look after Suman. Chiku runs. Isha worries.

Natasha comes there and slips. Amba asks can’t you see? Natasha says she was going to interview but fell. The bahus come. Amba asks Pranali to treat Natasha. Natasha says I won’t be able to make it for the interview on time. Dhawal thinks you will get a job, come. He lifts her and takes her. Everyone smiles. Amba thinks Natasha has good fortune.

The doctor says Suman is experiencing a lot of stress, so she needs rest. She doesn’t listen to anyone, thanks. Dhawal brings Natasha to the office for the interview. He waits outside. She gives the interview. “Tu hai to mujhe phir aur kya chahiye”…plays… She gets the job. Dhawal hugs her, and Chiku takes Suman home.

Suman says don’t inform Natasha, otherwise she will come here, and it’s not good for her. Chiku says yes, have medicines. He gets Isha’s call. Suman prays that they will unite. Isha asks how Suman is now. I heard about it on the call. Chiku says her reports aren’t okay, the doctor advised her to rest completely. She wants me to go there. He says no, you met your family after years. I’ll handle it here. He ends the call.

Natasha is brought home by Dawal. Isha congratulates Natasha. Amrish watches. Natasha says I will get Amba’s blessing. Isha says you didn’t go to meet Suman, and she’ll be fine after hearing the news. Natasha asks what you mean, is she unwell? Isha says calm down, her reports aren’t good, she needs rest, Chiku told you that.

Amrish thinks to go to the first plan. Dhawal will come back to me because of the Pandya store. Natasha says she will tell Amba. Dhawal says Isha will tell her we should visit Suman. They leave. Isha sees Amrish and thinks the rules are different for Natasha and me. Amrish worries.

Dolly will go out, Hetal will dance, and Pranali will be hospitalized, so I can’t let it happen. What should I do? He calls Bansi and says he has to meet with you in the evening. Dhawal and Natasha arrive at Suman’s house. Suman scolds Chiku. Chiku says I didn’t tell her. I’m not sure how she learned.

She hugs Suman. Suman says she’s okay. Chiku says trust us, and we’ll take good care of her. Dhawal says Natasha has a right to come here for Suman. You are her family.

Suman reassures me she is fine and requests that I make tea for Dhawal. Natasha embraces her, crying. Amrish apologizes to Bansi and confesses the situation he is facing. He explains his inability to return the investment due to debt due to the Pandya store. He worries about Dolly’s happiness, about whom Bansi had married into a wealthy family, and about his investment in the mall. However, since Natasha refuses to sign over the Pandya store, Bansi offers to handle it himself and predicts its downfall within two days if Amrish cannot resolve the issue.


Natasha signs the papers. Amrish watches Dhawal and Natasha planning their date. He smiles and thinks, Wow, you did my work. Natasha didn’t know, and the Pandya store will be destroyed tomorrow.

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