Pandya Store 9th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Prerna’s dad is troubling Shesh. Chiku and Mittu laugh. Dhara looks on. She goes and takes the garland. She asks what was this, and sees some paper with them. She takes it. Dhara took the mic, now Prerna’s parents are here, it won’t look good. Rishita says I don’t care, they are rich, maybe they will gift it to her daughter. Shiva recalls Dhara’s words and says I have to keep her away from the microphone. Raavi stops him. He says come, we will talk. She says I have to say something imp.

Shiva says Rishita and Dev’s marriage was dramatic. Raavi asks him to give her the microphone. He asks what is doing with it in my hand. Dhara looks on. Rishita says you got it for me, you are really good, so give it to me. He says I’m good, right, you don’t need this anymore, I’m going. Dhara asks Prerna did she get the engagement ring. Prerna says yes, thanks, you gave me money. I bought jewellery and clothes with that money.

A ring is shown to Prerna’s mom. She taunts her mom about the cheap ring. Everyone watches. Shweta says take a U-turn. The auto drive says to decide where you want to go. She says last time. We would have gotten it, Prerna’s mom says, Ruchi and Mahesh’s daughter’s engagement ring cannot be less than 3 carats of diamond.

She says rich families wouldn’t have divorced if diamonds determined relations, so we see intentions in relationships, not money, Dad. Dhara and Suman are pleased. Shweta stops the auto. The driver asks her to get off and pay. She gives him 100rs. He argues and asks for 100rs more. She shouts.

She sees Natasha gone. She looks for her. Gautam suggests we dance. Prerna says yes, we will dance. He stumbles. Rishita says Shiva’s music choice is good. Dev asks what. She says yes, what do you think I can’t play music, I will play good songs. She says yes, presenting DJ Shiva. A man comes and greets Dhara. Chutki kicks the marbles box and smiles. Shesh scolds her. Chiku says I’ll speak with her later. He takes her hair clip. She shouts at Shweta.

Shesh asks Shweta what he’s doing. Dhara says Girish bhai, you have come. Girish says yes, your house is in good shape. Rishita says I want to share something with you. Shiva says talk later, I need this microphone. Girish says your house is old, but in good condition, let me know if you want to sell it.

Dhara says we don’t want to sell it. Rishita says we do. She asks Dhara to give up her dream of uniting the family. She asks Girish to get a plan to buy the house. He agrees and leaves. Suman asks why Dhara called him. Prerna’s mom says engagement isn’t important to them. Rishita says I’ll sell the house. Prerna says no, I’ll play the music. Dhara says no. Shesh takes Shweta’s phone. Chutki throws the marble box. He throws the phone away. Shweta says I’ll deal with you later. The kids find the marbles. She gets her phone and goes back.

Shweta asks Natasha to find the phone. Natasha finds the phone. She says it got broken. She sees a temple. Natasha feels scared. Shweta says no, it’s a temple, come, I’ll take you there. Prerna and Krish exchange rings. Everyone smiles. They accept the elders’ blessings. Dhara receives the paper. She gets shocked when she checks it. Shweta asks Natasha to stay in the temple. Natasha asks why. Shweta says I will come to play here.


She asks Dhara to give Chiku to Shweta. Rishita tells Shweta to take Chiku and give Chutki to Shweta. Shweta smiles.

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