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Pandya Store

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Shweta takes Chiku to the room. Gautam asks where his brothers are. Dhara says they are our bahus. Gautam says your wives answer on your behalf, so call them out, and he asks them to come out. Let Rishita, Raavi and Prerna come out. Gautam asks Dhara not to speak. He says your wives answer on your behalf.

Gautam asks them what they want. He asks Raavi, Prerna and Rishita to draw the line. He asks them to take their share. Whatever share remains, Suman, Dhara and I will stay. Prerna asks how can the house get divided. Dhara says I’m saying the same thing. Prerna says no, she meant the house was small. Dhara says shut up, you’re leaving for Canada. She’s right, Raavi says. Gautam agrees she’s right, our house is small, how can we build four houses here, tell me what to do.

He says fine, then, we’ll sell this house. Suman and Dhara are shocked. Dhara asks Gautam to think and talk. Gautam says look at them, they don’t want to stay together. He asks them to say. Rishita says fine, we’ll sell it. Shiva asks how we’ll sell it, because it’s our identity. If there is any other option, tell me, how will you divide the house into four shares?

It is our responsibility to sell the house, so we will put it on the market. Suman cries. Gautam says don’t be hesitant, I am the elder brother, I will meet the lawyer and find a buyer. He leaves. As Dhara says, Dev, Gautam lived for all of you, Shiva, you don’t think he got broken, he said a big thing, don’t let the house get sold, stop him. Dev, Shiva and Krish run after Gautam, crying.

She says sorry Maa, you trusted me to keep them together, but I can’t. You have to do something about it. The house wall must be broken when it cracks, and if we fill it from outside, it will still be broken from within, so let the division happen, let them get separated, it will all work out in the end. As she hugs Dhara and cries, she says, “Don’t do anything now.”

The children assure us that we will not be split up. Gautam is currently at the lawyer’s office. Shortly after, Dev, Shiva and Krish arrive. Shiva expresses uncertainty about whether the current situation is right or wrong. The others implore Gautam to reconsider his decision. However, he firmly stops them from saying anything further, insisting that he has made up his mind. After meeting with the lawyer, he informs him of his intention to sell the Pandya house. The lawyer inquires as to why, wondering if Gautam plans to purchase a bigger house. But Gautam clarifies that it is because his family is being divided into four separate shares. Shocked, the lawyer reminds him of their strong bond and unity as brothers. However, Gautam explains that times have changed and his brothers have no objections to selling the house. He instructs the lawyer to find a potential buyer immediately. To their surprise, a man appears and offers to buy the house on the spot.

Gautam inquires, “Are you certain?” The man replies confidently, “Yes, I am sure.” Gautam agrees, stating, “Alright then, we will disclose the price. Kindly prepare the necessary documents.” After conveying this, Gautam takes his leave. The man admires the property, while Dhara tears up as she reflects on everything. Engrossed in her thoughts, she attempts to chop some vegetables and accidentally cuts her finger. Suman notices Dhara’s occupied state and reaches for something on the table. Dhara hurries over to her side, warning her of potential danger. She asks Suman if she would like a glass of water. Apologetically, Suman explains that she accidentally knocked something down and now requires assistance cleaning it up. Overwhelmed and feeling vulnerable after hearing hurtful words from others earlier in the day, Suman admits to feeling weak and helpless in that moment.

Suman asks Dhara how long you will do this, you have to handle your family, I have to think for myself. Dhara says don’t say this, else I will die. Dhara says don’t say this, else I will die. Life goes on, Suman says I don’t want to become a burden on anyone, put me in an old age home. Dhara calms her down. Shweta packs her bags. Chiku asks where she is going. She tells him she has a job and needs to leave. He asks her not to go.

She says I have nothing here, I’m leaving. He says don’t go. She says try to understand, I have no relation to this house, I can’t depend on anyone, I have to pay my own bills, I have to work. When you grow older, you will understand this. It is fine then, I will also leave this house. Dhara says stay with me, I will always be here for you, I will never let you go. Suman hugs and cries as he gets ready to leave. Chiku packs his bag.


She tells the bahus to make their own food as the Pandya house is getting sold.

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