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Pandya Store

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The Episode begins with Natasha slipping and falling, getting her foot stuck under a cupboard. Dhawal witnesses this and sees her attempt to shake the cupboard. Frustrated, she kicks it while he holds onto it. Eventually, he comes to help her. Meanwhile, Hetal calls her brother in the hospital to check on their mother’s condition. Her brother informs her that their mother is on a ventilator and comments on how much she has changed. Hetal pleads for him to listen to her and recalls speaking to Amrish, who has agreed to help them. She asks him to apologize to Amrish for his mistake without informing their father. However, when she hands the phone to their father, he scolds her and refuses to apologize. Pranali remembers Bhaven’s words and decides to take matters into her own hands by cutting off the wire of the ceiling fan in an act of rebellion.

She says Bhaven will sleep without a fan now, and then he will know. She hides the mosquito net. Hetal cries. Her dad asks her to keep a wife’s duty and not come to see her mum. Her mother says that you should send Bhai if you can’t. He disconnects the call. He says your dad thinks he didn’t do any mistake, let it be, I’m ready to help even now, you’re asking me to help them, they don’t care for you. He sits angry.

As Bhaven enters the room, he notices that the fan is not functioning. He requests the mosquito net, but Pranali informs him that a rat tore it, and it has been discarded. In response, he turns on the AC. Confused, she questions his decision, and he says they need it for a good night’s sleep. As he dozes off, she realizes she cannot handle the cold temperature and suggests turning off the AC and fanning some air instead. Agreeing with her proposal, Bhaven smiles and falls asleep. Moments later, Esha joins them in a shirt. Chiku teasingly remarks on her behaviour earlier when she ran away in fear, to which she recalls her kidnapping of Golu and lies about it.

He inquires why she fears the police, prompting her to weave a fabricated tale. She reassures him she will secure employment and depart from their current location. He kindly requests her to have a speedy recovery before leaving. She contemplates removing the incriminating photos, frantically searching for her sling bag. She recalls leaving it at the event venue and worries about its potential discovery. Natasha fervently prays for success in her upcoming interview at Amrish’s company, determined to secure the job. In a rush to get to her interview, she accidentally collides with Dhawal, causing her to fall into his arms. They lock eyes with each other, momentarily stunned by the unexpected encounter. Suddenly, Natasha receives a call from a man who informs her that she must meet him by 11 am. Realizing it is already 10:30, she expresses concern about making it on time as she has an important interview beforehand. The man explains that he will be leaving for Ahmedabad and won’t be available later on, prompting Natasha to agree to retrieve her belongings after her interview.

He mentions that the footage cannot be shared with anyone but will be available for collection in a week. Wishing the best for the interview, she expresses concern about apprehending the girl. Soon after, she departs. Upon receiving a call confirming possession of the footage, Amrish reiterates their goal of catching the kidnapper. Dhawal recalls Natasha’s previous statement and insists on not accepting payment. His friend joins him and asks who he is conversing with. Confident that Natasha will work while he stays home, Dhawal shares her plan with his friend before they both leave. Noting that Natasha is yet to arrive for her interview, Amrish comments on her careless behaviour. A sudden interruption by an inspector breaks the silence.

Natasha reviews the footage and then turns to Jignesh, requesting that he show her the entry footage. He responds, “Sorry, I can’t show that entry footage. I deleted it myself after the event because Amrish values his privacy. However, you may be able to locate your earring by checking the footage.” Natasha reminds him about her upcoming interview. Suddenly, she notices something in the footage and asks Jignesh to pause it. The inspector expresses gratitude for the footage, and Amrish remarks that it may help identify Golu’s kidnapper. The inspector promises his team will do their best to find the culprit. Jignesh adds that obtaining this footage was no easy feat. With relief, Natasha thinks, “I finally have solid evidence.”


Look at this. This is my proof. I got it from that girl. Do you have any answer? Will you tell the truth, or will I tell your truth? He looks at the photo.

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