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Inder, Jasleen, and Japjot inquire with Sahiba about her informing them regarding something. Japjot mentions that if not for Angad, Sahiba would surely have let them know. Sahiba becomes nervous, worried they might have discovered her issues with Angad. She admits to wanting to inform them but defers to Angad. Jasleen jokingly remarks that they were teasing Sahiba. Inder then asks what their plans are for their anniversary. Sahiba responds that Angad may not like this. Inder questions why Angad wouldn’t want attention on them. Sahiba explains that she believes Keerat and Veer should receive the most attention. Jasleen playfully comments on how Sahiba prioritizes her duty over her happiness. Inder suggests having a small party tonight instead.

As the group gathered in the living room, Hansraj mentioned Sahiba’s excellent memory, expressing hope that Angad would also remember his wedding anniversary. Simran then remarked on Angad’s appreciation for Sahiba’s cake. Inquiring about Veer’s whereabouts, Inder reminded him that he had assigned him to plan the party. Panicked by a photo of Keerat and Garry, Veer immediately showed it to his parents upon arrival. Just as Garry returned from a jog, Veer shouted for him to stop and addressed him directly. Jasleen questioned Veer’s rude behaviour towards Garry, prompting him to send the photo he found to the entire family while yelling at Garry for speaking disrespectfully about his fiancé.

Garry explains that he and Keerat usually go to the same park for jogging, and he sees no issue with having a meal together afterwards. Sahiba agrees and states there is nothing wrong with two friends sharing a meal. However, Veer interjects and cautions Sahiba against siding with Garry. He reminds them of Garry’s past actions when he eloped with Seerat on her wedding day, breaking Angad’s heart. Jaspal questions Garry about his intentions now. Garry clarifies that Veer is his younger brother, to which Veer angrily responds by saying that he did not spare his elder brother and accused him of trying to sabotage Veerat’s relationship with Keerat. Furious, Veer warns Garry to stay away from his fiancé, or he will teach him a lesson for interfering.

Sahiba says Veer is doubting even Keerat now. Angad says Sahiba is right; Keerat is a good girl, and he should respect her, but trust is crucial between partners. However, if one partner does not trust the other, that’s another issue. Veer and Keerat are in trouble, and Inder asks Garry not to interfere. Garry agrees. Veer says he got this photo from Sasha. Angad says he warned him not to approach Sasha. Sahiba asks Veer why he sent this photo.

Veer says he didn’t speak to her, but she noticed Keerat with Garry and sent a message to alert him. Akaal says Garry will not interfere now when he is warned to stay away. Japjot tells Veer not to worry since Angad and Sahiba have taken care of his wedding. Veer says Angad will trust Keerat more than himself, and he hopes to be a couple like Angad and Sahiba. Angad leaves.

Angad inquires about completing his work over the phone and requests to discuss additional matters. Upon reaching the location, he notices the lights are off and raises his voice to announce his presence. He investigates further and enlists the maid’s help to check the power source. However, no one is present, and he wonders about their whereabouts. Suddenly, Sahiba appears with a flashlight, accompanied by the melodious tune of Zeh Nasheen Zeh Naseeb.. playing in the background. She extends her hand towards him, and he reciprocates. With a warm smile, she wishes him a happy wedding anniversary. Little did they know, they were being watched by others who had concealed themselves. Angad jokingly remarks that she purposely turned off the lights while Sahiba explains that she had thought he had forgotten their special day. Without missing a beat, Angad assures her that he could never forget the day she entered his life and reveals that he also has a surprise for her.

The family walks over to the happy couple to wish them a wonderful wedding anniversary. Japjot gives them her blessings and hopes for their everlasting happiness. Veer adds that they also want Angad and Sahiba’s eternal joy. Manveer approaches them curiously, wondering about a strange sound he hears. Inder informs him that it is the sound of Angad and Sahiba’s anniversary celebration, prompting Seerat to reflect on what could have been if she had not eloped with Garry. Japjot admires the couple for overcoming many challenges and staying together despite everything. Inder believes that when two individuals are tied together by fate, it is nearly impossible to break their bond. Sahiba is reminded of Angad’s past anger towards her.

Simran has requested a cake, and the maid has promptly brought one. Upon seeing the cake, Simran mentions that Sahiba had put in effort to prepare it for Angad. This makes Angad wonder if he could have also contributed something for Sahiba. The couple then proceeds to cut the cake together. At that moment, Angad remembers seeing Sahiba with the lawyer. She then lovingly feeds him a piece of cake. However, in his daze, Angad accidentally cuts his finger and remarks on how lost he was in the moment. Prabjot observes that Angad’s love for Sahiba is evident, while Jasleen expresses how special Sahiba is. Meanwhile, Sahiba holds Angad’s hand tightly, and he playfully comments that she never wants to let go of him. In response, Sahiba hopes she will hold onto his hand for the rest of their lives.


Angad asks Sahiba where he is taking her. She says no and gets into the car. He blindfolds her and says he wants to surprise her.

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